Short Descriptions.

Short,descriptive writing pieces. Hope that you enjoy!


2. Olympic Stadium

I hear the roar of the crowd around me cheering as Usain Bolt rushes down the track,his face a picture of pure concentration. The atmosphere around me is incredible,people shouting,my voice mingling with the noise. My throat aches from screaming,my hands sting from clapping but I'm on the edge of my seat. Another runner starts to catch up with Bolt but I've only eyes for the fastest man on the earth. Could you even imagine having such a talent? This is the reason he was born,to run. His legs are a blur beneath him and his face a mixture of joy and disbelief as he crosses the line first. He punches the air and I have never seen a man so happy. the entire stadium is happy for him cheering him on as he seizes his countries flag and does another  lap of honour. 

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