Longing for perfection


2. Chapter Two


‘I don’t really feel like eating mum,’ Zoe whispered, pushing away her plate.  She left the table, and ran upstairs.

‘You need to eat something!’ Mum called after her, but she got no answer. She shook her head and looked at me, her eyes filled with despair. 

‘Something’s not right Amy,’ mum sighed, looking at Zoe's full plate.

‘What do you mean?’ I asked. I got no answer, but I didn’t need one. I knew only too well what mum was trying to say.

Zoe had been acting different for a while. Skipping meals. Complaining she was overweight. Counting calories. She became even more self-conscious about her looks. Zoe had an eating disorder.

She was anorexic.

Zoe never used to be like this.She used to be bubbly and happy and loved her life. She was the complete opposite to me, who was shy and quiet. I was so jealous of her, her confidence, her personality, her popularity. I envied my own twin. 

But no matter what, Zoe always stuck by me. She would always be there for me, never let me down. She was such a beautiful person inside and out. But somewhere and somehow, something went wrong. 

She isn't the same girl she used to be. The girl I was longed to be has now left, leaving someone else in her place. I don't know my own sister anymore. 

Maybe that's what makes this harder. For once in my life, I have to be the strong twin. The one who looks out for Zoe. The one who has to hold everything together. 

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