Books I recommend

Basically, a load of books I think are great. I'll add a new one about every week, see what you think of it. I'll try to do less well-known books. I have now tried to add extracts, I in no way own copyrights to these books.


6. Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte


Name: Wuthering Heights

Author: Emily Bronte

Plot: At first you follow a man, lost in the moors, who finds refuge and Wuthering Heights. There he starts to unravel the dark secrets of Catherine Earnshaw. He then meets a servant in nearby lodging, who used to be Catherine's maid, and her greatest confidant. 

Catherine is the daughter of a rich man, who brings a gypsy boy, Heathcliff, from his travels abroad. 

My opinion: A powerful love story, even if I haven't finished it. I'm extremely sorry for the bad description, but it's very hard to describe. Although it takes a lot of effort to read, if you persevere I guarantee you will be richly rewarded.

Who should read it: Boys and girls, though maybe a tad more girls, I'd say over 14? Only for the difficulty of reading, not content, and you'd have to be a pretty good reader. However, most movellians are!

Extra:     This is a classic, but the are often overlooked by young people, regarded as too old. I guarantee that it's amazing.

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