Books I recommend

Basically, a load of books I think are great. I'll add a new one about every week, see what you think of it. I'll try to do less well-known books. I have now tried to add extracts, I in no way own copyrights to these books.


3. Whisper by Chrissie Keighery


Name: Whisper

Author: Chrissie Keighery

Plot: The story follows Demi, 15 year old. Following a case of meningitis she is pronounced profoundly deaf and has to cope. She has to learn a whole new language, go to a new school and leave all her old friends behind. How can she survive in a world of silence?

My opinion: This is very deep and thought-provoking, it got me very interested in helping the deaf. You realise just how hard it is for them in a world where everyone else can hear, and their fight to be recognized. for instance, where she lives you cannot text the emergency services, only call. Therefore how can she call them if she cannot hear them?

Who should read it: Girls and boys, from about 12+. Small romance in it, but it mainly focuses on the deafness.

Extra:Very good and I loved it, had to reread it 3 times. It is written by the same author as Outside In, in case you've read that.


Making wishes is for kids- and idiots. I should be able to stop myself, since I'm not a kid anymore. Or an idiot.

But I can't help it. I make wishes, even though it's a bit like bungee jumping. Crazy enough to believe that a rubber band will save you even though you are hurtling towards the rocks below.

I've decided I can't keep doing it to myself. So here I am.

I take a deep breath as I get onto the tram. Someone stands up to get out at the next stop. I try not to blink as I make my way through the crowds towards that spare seat. There's a wi;d element to the tram's swaying. A possibility of derailing. 

I force the thought out of my head. I will control myself. Focus. 

I don't realise until I sink into my seat that I've been holding my breath. I breathe out shakily.

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