Books I recommend

Basically, a load of books I think are great. I'll add a new one about every week, see what you think of it. I'll try to do less well-known books. I have now tried to add extracts, I in no way own copyrights to these books.


2. The Maze Runner by James Dashner


Name: The Maze Runner

Author: James Dashner

Plot: The story follows Thomas, who wakes up in a pitch black elevator with only one memory, his name.  The lift opens and he finds himself in a giant maze filled with other boys like himself. The doors are opened during the day but closed at night to keep them safe from the creatures that patrol the corridors outside. They are constantly watched by WICKED and receive food supplies each week and a new person each month. Until it all stops. A girl is brought into the maze, their food supply is cut off and the doors open at night, letting in the monsters. They have only one choice. Solve the Maze, or die.

My opinion: This is full of action and you will be unable to put it down. It will keep you confused yet constantly wanting more. The plot is amazing, the idea is brilliant and it is very well written. An amazing dystopian book to rival the Hunger Games.

Who should read it:  I would recommend this to 12+ boys and girls. A very small romance but it is completely overshadowed by the action. Basically anyone who likes The Hunger Games should read this.

Extra: This is quite well-known, but not enough. I personally think it is fabulous and should receive lots more publicity. It is part of a series, followed by The Scorch Trials then The Death Cure. There is also a recently released prequel The Kill Order.

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