Books I recommend

Basically, a load of books I think are great. I'll add a new one about every week, see what you think of it. I'll try to do less well-known books. I have now tried to add extracts, I in no way own copyrights to these books.


5. The Dark Materials by Philip Pullman


Name: The Dark Materials

Author: Philip Pullman

Plot: There are 3 books in the series, I'll describe each:

Northern Lights: Lyra lives in Jordan College, spending her days climbing the high roofs and exploring the deep tunnels underneath with her best friend Roger and her daemon Pantalaimon. But when a mysterious lady comes and offers to take her to the north, just after she discovers Roger has gone missing, and the Master of Jordan gives her a golden compass that can tell the truth, will she know who to trust 

Subtle Knife: Will has to run away. His mother is ill and he is going to find his father, who disappeared on an Arctic expedition 10 years ago. Suddenly he finds a window, one that leads to another world, and meets a crazy girl with a shape-shifting animal. He must get the knife, if he ever wishes to find his father, the knife that can cut between worlds.

Amber Spyglass: A war is about to start. Between Lord Asriel and the Authority himself. 

My opinion: I realised this is a classic, but I believe it's seriously underestimated by teenagers. They are so imaginative, yet so completely real, they will blow your mind. I am rereading them for a third time, and still not bored of them. I guarantee you will love them

Who should read it: Boys and girls, anything from 10+. But if you're older you'd probably get more out of the book.

Extra:     There's a few extra books he's done: Lyra's Oxford, Once Upon a Time in the North and The Book of Dust.

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