A dream comes true - One Direction

A lot of my followers on twitter have asked if I could post my long imagines on Movellas as well, and i would love to so here it is: my long Niall Imagine

To be sure that you're updated on the imagine follow my twitter: @ImagineToKiss1D. I'll post my the new parts there before i'll post them here.

I hope you'll like them x


23. Part Twenty-three


Niall smile shyly and kisses your nose, still with his hands on your cheeks. His hands slides slowly down your cheeks, neck and arms until they reach your hands. He takes your hands and kisses your nose again. All the girls around you scream like crazy, but you don’t hear them. The only thing you hear is Niall, who have leaned closer to you and now whispers: ‘Let’s go inside’ in your ear. You nod and smile. He let your one hand go, still holding your other hand, and you start walking towards the hotel again. The other boys, who are still in front of you, sees that you start to walk and start walking towards the hotel too.


After the long walk through all the screaming girls from the bus to the hotel is it amazing to come inside the hotel where everything is quiet. You and the boys look around in the hall, and without saying anything or looking at each other you all start to walk towards the restaurant. Niall almost runs towards it. But he have just come entrance to the restaurant when Paul comes out with a stack of menus and says: 'It's already late, so you guys eat in your rooms' and hands you the menu cards. He starts to walk away, but he only walks a few meters before he turns around and comes back to you. 'Well, you have to have your keys' he says and smiles. He takes 3 keys from his pocket. 'Zayn and Harry, you’re sleeping in the same room' he says and gives Harry one of the keys. 'Louis and Liam' he says and gives Louis a key. "Niall and Y/N' he says and gives Niall a key. 'See you tomorrow morning. I’ll wake you up at 7:30. Then you have 2 hour to getting ready and eat, and then we drive towards the arena. Remember to get some sleep. Goodnight boys. Goodnight Y/N’ he says and smiles to you. 'Goodnight Paul’ says Louis and raises his arm in the air for Paul to give him a high five. Paul hits his hand against Louis' and turns around to go. You and the boys look at your keys to see where at the hotel you shall sleep. '222, 223, 221' Harry mumbles and looks around. ‘I think we just have to up of those stairs' he says, pointing to some stairs. You all turn around to see where he is pointing. Liam shrugs and says: 'We only found out if we check' and begins to walk towards the stairs. You and the rest of the boys follow him. Louis runs up alongside Liam, says something to him and starts to run up the stairs. 'EY! That’s not fair. I wasn’t ready!' Liam shouts and runs after him. You can not help but laugh. Louis comes first to the top of the stairs and shouts: 'YES!' while he jumps around. Liam comes to the top too and sends Louis an angry look. Louis sees it and laugh at him. Liam smiles and beats Louis on the shoulder. 'What number was that?' Liam shouts breathlessly to you. '221, 222 and 223!' Harry yells back. 'It's here' shouts Louis, who still jumps around. You, Harry and Niall comes to the stair top too. The boys open their doors and say goodnight to each other. You hug all the boys goodnight before you go into your and Niall's hotel room. The room is huge, with a huge double bed in the middle. Niall closes the door and hugs you from behind. He kisses your neck and you let out a giggle. You turn around in his arms, put your around his neck and hugs him tightly. You pull away, look him in the eyes and you gently stroke his hair. Niall leans towards you and kiss you gently on your forehead. Still with his lips on your forehead he asks: ‘Y/N?’ ‘Niall?’ you answer. ‘What do you think about ordering a pizza?’ he asks, still with his lips on your forehead. You take his cheeks in his hands and look him in the eyes with your eyes wide open. ‘Let us do that!’ you shout. You quickly kiss him on his lips, pull away and run the room’s telephone in the other side of the room. You pick up the phone and hold it out in the air to Niall to get it. He walks towards you, laughing. He lays a hand around your waist, kisses you on the cheek and says: ‘You just get more and more amazing every second Y/N!’ 

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