A dream comes true - One Direction

A lot of my followers on twitter have asked if I could post my long imagines on Movellas as well, and i would love to so here it is: my long Niall Imagine

To be sure that you're updated on the imagine follow my twitter: @ImagineToKiss1D. I'll post my the new parts there before i'll post them here.

I hope you'll like them x


24. Part Twenty-four


Niall takes the phone and calls the kitchen and says: ‘Hi, you’re talking to Niall Horan from room 211. Can I order a pizza, please?’ You can’t hear what the person in the phone says, but you think he asks: ‘With which topping?’ because Niall looks at you, smile sweetly and says: ‘Pepperoni’. You smile brightly at him, impressed that he remembers from your date at The Front Pizza that that is your favourite topping. Niall strokes your cheek gently and says: ‘Okay, thank you’ into the phone. You lay your arms around his neck as he hangs up. He lays his hands around your waist, give you a sweet kiss and look you into your eyes. ‘The pizza will be here in 15 minutes, so I’ll take a quick shower’ he says. ‘I think I’ll call Amanda then’ you say. You both smile and he kisses you sweetly again. You pull away from the kiss and Niall walks into the bathroom. You decide to change to your nightwear before calling Amanda. You find your black t-shirt and shorts in your suitcase which is already brought up to your room. You make sure that Niall doesn’t come out of the bathroom and change your clothes as fast you haven’t changes your clothes before. Your find your phone in your purse, finds Amanda’s number and call her. ‘Y/N! I just saw some pictures of you and Niall on twitter! You’re the sweetest couple EVER!’ Amanda shouts into the phone as soon as she has picked up her phone. You giggle. ‘But how have your day been? What have you been doing? I want to know everything!’ Amanda says exited with her I-want-to-know-everything-voice. You giggle again and tell her everything she wants to know. As you’re finish telling the story Amanda screams into the phone: ‘You’re like the luckiest person in the world! I can’t believe that my best friend hav...’ You hear the bathroom door open behind you, turn around and take the phone away from your ear, without hanging up. Out of the bathroom comes Niall, only with a towel around him. He smiles at you. You smile back at him as he walks towards you. He lays his arms around your waist and kisses you on your cheek. You lay your hands, still with your phone in one of them, on his bare chest and your head on his shoulder. He pulls you closer, kisses your hair and hugs you tightly. You pull away from the hug and look at each other he lays his hands on your cheeks. He kisses you passionately, while he turns you around so that you stand as you did before he came out of the bathroom. He quickly runs toward his suitcase, takes some clothes and runs back to you. He kisses you sweetly. You feel that he smiles against your lips. While he kisses you he turns you back around, so that you have your front against the bathroom door again. He pulls away from the kiss and walks backwards back to the bathroom while he blink to you rwith one eye. He goes into the bathroom and closes the door behind him. You turn around and take the phone up to your ear again and say: ‘I love him so much Amanda!’ slowly and shyly. ‘Aww Y/N! As I said: You’re the sweetest couple ever!’ Amanda says exited. You hear the bathroom open again and turn around again. You get eye contact with Niall who smiles sweetly at you. He walks towards you like he did before and lays his arms around you. You look him deep into his eyes and say: ‘I’ve to go. I love you Manda!’  slowly into the phone. ‘I love you too Y/N. Remember to call me again tomorrow!’ Amanda says. ‘I will’ you say and just as you have hang up Niall presses his lips against yours.  

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