A dream comes true - One Direction

A lot of my followers on twitter have asked if I could post my long imagines on Movellas as well, and i would love to so here it is: my long Niall Imagine

To be sure that you're updated on the imagine follow my twitter: @ImagineToKiss1D. I'll post my the new parts there before i'll post them here.

I hope you'll like them x


25. Part Twenty-five


In the exact same time you hear a knock on the door. You try to pull away from Niall so that you can open the door, but he will not let you go. He presses his lips against your lips again and you laugh against his kiss, without breaking the kiss. You lay your arms around his neck and turn you face away so he kisses you on your cheek, you still laughing. He start laughing too. You turn your head back and say: ‘We have to open the door, you fool’. You quick take his cheeks in your hands, go up on your toes, kiss him on his forehead, pull away and start running towards the door, with Niall right behind you. You lay your hand on the doorknob, but before you can manage to open the door Niall comes up behind you and lays his hand on yours. With his touch you feel some butterflies in your stomach and you turn your head to face him. You look him deep into his eyes. ‘He’s so amazing. I am really the luckiest girl in the world’ you think to yourself.  He smiles and you giggle as you feel your cheeks turning red. A new knock on the door ruins the romantic moment and you open the door, still with Niall’s hand on yours.


While Niall are taking a picture with the pizza man you take the pizza box, run towards the bed and jump into the bed. You open the box, take a big slice of pizza and start eating.  You hear the door closes and Niall comes walking towards the bed. ‘You couldn’t wait, babe?’ he asks laughing as he sits down beside you. You shake your head and smile. You move closer to him, so you sit between his legs with your front against him, and start feeding him with your pizza slice. While he chews he smiles bright to you. As he have finish the piece of pizza you’re feeding him with he pulls you closer and kisses you sweetly, and without you see it he takes a little piece of pizza in his hand. He quickly pulls away from you and plugs the pizza piece into your mouth. You laugh and take your hand up in front of your mouth. 'Silly head' you say, still laughing. He laughs and takes a piece of pizza. When he is about to take the piece of pizza into his mouth you push his hand so he is almost losing the piece. 'Ey!' he laughs and without taking a bite he lays the piece of pizza back into the pizza box. He leans closer to you, put his weight on your shoulders so you lay down and starts to tickle you. You break out in laughter. 'Niall!' you shout, still laughing. 'Niall! Please stop!'. He stops tickling you, leans his face closer to yours and kisses you quickly. He pulls his face a few centimetres from your face and smiles at you. 'Then you should not get between me and my food, babe' he laughs. You shakes your head, smiling. He leans back towards you and gives you a long sweet kiss, with the taste of pepperoni. You pull away and he lies down beside you and smiles to you. You move closer to him and he stretches his arm out so you can lie on it. You rest your head on his arm with your cheek against his chest. You pull closer to him and lay your forearms against his stomach. Niall lays his free arm around you and he pulls you even closer. He strokes your back and kisses your hair. His hand slides from your back to your head and strokes your hair gently as he whispers slowly: 'I love you Y/N'

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