A dream comes true - One Direction

A lot of my followers on twitter have asked if I could post my long imagines on Movellas as well, and i would love to so here it is: my long Niall Imagine

To be sure that you're updated on the imagine follow my twitter: @ImagineToKiss1D. I'll post my the new parts there before i'll post them here.

I hope you'll like them x


30. Part Thirty


You feel your cheeks turning red, and you look back Niall. Niall looks back at you, still smiling brightly. He gently strokes your hand with his thumb again. He leans towards you, and he’s just about to kiss you, but your romantic gets interrupted by Paul, who shouts: "Niall and Y/N! Hurry up! We're busy!" You both let out a giggle and he kisses you quickly. You both start walking towards the arena. On your way you hear a girl shouting: “Can I have your apple, please?” You look at Niall, then at the girl, and then back Niall. He’s trying to hold in a laugh. You smile bright. You let Niall’s hand go and start walking in the girl’s direction, and she’s freaking out. “OMG! OMG! OMG! Hi Y/N” she says without breathing. You smile sweetly and say: “Hello sweetheart. I heard you wanted my apple? Here you go.” “OMG! OMG! OH MY GOOOOD! This is Y/N’s apple! Thank you so much Y/N! I love you! I wish I was you!” the girl says while she is jumping around, still with breathing. She suddenly stops the jumping and asks you: “Can. Can. Can I have a hug?” with excitement all over her face. You smile at her and lean towards her. You hug her and she hugs you back. “You’re amazing Y/N! Thank you!” she says. You smile at her again, turn around and walk towards Niall. As you get to him, he hugs you tightly. He takes your hand again and intertwines his fingers with yours. You both start walking towards the arena again.


You always think that it is nice to come back inside after being between all the screaming fans. There is always so lovely quiet. "It was strange. That thing with the girl" you say, almost as a whisper. "Yeah, I think you did it good, babe," says Niall and smiles at you. “You’re amazing Y/N” You feel your cheeks turning red as you look at him. “But well, now that you don’t have your apple anymore, I think we should find some food for you!” he continues with a little laugh. You nod and smile. You start walking, still with your fingers intertwined with each others, trying to find something to eat. Niall is also very hungry. He always is.  You go into the cafeteria, which fortunately is open. "What do you want to eat, babe?" Niall ask while he looks at the menu. "Its almost already dinner time, so I don’t think some french fries would do any harm" you say, smiling. Niall looks at you and says: "I like your way of thinking" smiling brightly back to you. "Take a seat and I order" You go and sit down at the table which is closest to, while Niall order. When he is finished with ordering, he comes over and sits down on the chair next to you. He puts his arm on the back of your chair. You move your chair closer to his and put your head on his shoulder. He kisses lightly your hair and put your head on your. You could be in this position forever, but of course someone has to interrupt you. 

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