A dream comes true - One Direction

A lot of my followers on twitter have asked if I could post my long imagines on Movellas as well, and i would love to so here it is: my long Niall Imagine

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I hope you'll like them x


6. Part Six

Being with the boys is so much fun. You are sitting with your head on Niall’s shoulder and his arm around your neck. You want this moment to last forever, but it's getting quite late and you have to get home. You send the 'We-have-to-go-home'-eyes to Amanda, and she nods. You kiss Niall on the cheek and pull away from his strong arm. You hug all the boys goodbye and the last one you hug goodbye is Niall. He hugs you really tight and whispers ‘See you tomorrow, babe’ in your ear. You blush and kiss him on his cheek again.

In the car on your way home ‘More than this’ are playing in the radio, and when Niall’s solo comes on, you can’t help it, but a big smile light up your face. Amanda sees it and asks you: ‘Where were you and Niall going in the VIP-lounge?’ in the ‘I-want-to-know-every-detail’-way. You feel your cheeks turning red. ‘He wanted to ask me out’ you say shyly and smile. ‘OMG!’ She shouts. ‘OMG Y/N! What did you say?’ ‘Yes’ you say, still shyly. You look at her, and see her do the inbetweener dance. You laugh at her and ask: ’Will you please help me getting ready tomorrow? You can sleep at mine again.’ ‘I would love to Y/N!’

You’re finally at your place and when you come into the house, you both walk straight to the fridge. You haven’t got something to eat for hours, and you’re both starving. You take almost all the food out of the fridge and take it to the living room. You get into your PJs and sit with your duvets around you. You put your favourite movie, A Walk to Remember on, and begin to eat. Just when you've taken a huge bite, you can hear your ringtone ringing from the kitchen. You run into the kitchen and look in the phone. It is a call with secret number, but you do not think about it and answer the phone. ‘It’s Y/N’ you say, still with your mouth full of food. ‘Wow, hi Y/N. It’s Niall. Do I disturb your meal?’ Niall laugh in the phone. ‘Shit. 2 seconds’ you say. You lay the phone away from you, spit the food in your mouth out in the rubbish bin and hurry back to the phone. ‘How embarrassing! Hi Niall’ you say shyly. ‘What’s the name of the pizza house you were talking about earlier? And when should I pick you? And where?’ He asks. ‘It’s called The Front Pizza. If you could pick me up at 6, it would be great’ you say and gives him your address, and he says ‘Well I’m looking forward to tomorrow beautiful. Sleep well’ ‘Goodnight Niall’ you say and hang up. You run into the living room and jump into the couch while screaming ‘IT WAS NIALL!’. You tell Amanda everything he said to you and when you both are calm again, you put Amanda’s favourite movie, The Last Song, on. When the movie ends you are both really tired and decide to go to bed. You hug each goodnight, and you fall asleep immediately.

You wake up early, and Amanda is still asleep by your side. You go down in the kitchen, try to figure out what to do until Amanda wakes up. You decide to turn on the TV and watch The Morning News. There is a report from the concert with the boys yesterday. It’s from the part of the concert where you were on the stage. The News Reader calls you “Niall’s possible new girlfriend”, and you can’t help it, but smile brightly. You turn to a channel with cartoons. You’ve always loved cartoons. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Amanda bumps down beside you on the couch. You decide to get something to eat, and then see another movie as a time killer until your date tonight.

You start early to getting ready for the date, because you want to look perfect. You take a white shirt, a black skirt and a pair of thin tights on. You curl your hair and lay a natural makeup. You know that Niall doesn’t like girls with to much makeup.

There are only 10 minutes to Niall will pick you up, and begin you to get nervous. Amanda tries to calm you with talking with about something totally different. It works until you hear the door bell ring. You walk to the door, open it and there he stands. Niall stands on your door step in his tight red polo t-shirt and sand-coloured pants. ‘These are for you beautiful’ He says and hands a bouquet of red roses to you. You accept them with a shy smile and give him a big hug. It's going to be a good evening!

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