A dream comes true - One Direction

A lot of my followers on twitter have asked if I could post my long imagines on Movellas as well, and i would love to so here it is: my long Niall Imagine

To be sure that you're updated on the imagine follow my twitter: @ImagineToKiss1D. I'll post my the new parts there before i'll post them here.

I hope you'll like them x


19. Part Nineteen


Niall kisses you gently on your nose and takes your hand. He leads you towards the couch area where Louis is sitting, watching TV. Niall sits down on of the couch and smile at you. You sit down on his lap with your arm around his neck, stroking his hair. You kiss his hair and rest your head on his. Although you almost have slept, you're still pretty tired. You yawn quietly. Niall take his phone out his pocket to check his twitter. You both look surprised on the phone screen, when you see what have happened on twitter while you have been busy with leaving New York. A lot of fans have tweeted pictures about that #NiallandY/N have been trending worldwide the whole day, and the pictures the girls from the zoo have tweeted earlier was still everywhere. You see that Niall save one of the pictures from the zoo, where you and him are kissing, and make it as his icon. You warm feeling fills your body and you kiss Niall’s hair again. He puts his phone back in his pocket and looks up at you. He lays his and hands on your cheeks and kisses you. You pull away from the kiss, but your faces stay just a few centimetres from each other. ‘I love you babe’ he says. ‘I lov…’ You do not manage to say more before Liam's voice suddenly sounds through the entire bus: ‘Boys? Who want to have some tea?’ You and Niall get a bit of a shock, but start smiling. ‘…e you too’ you finish and you both let out a little laugh. You kiss each other again and pull away. Liam walks into the room, looking down to the floor, as he mumbles ‘No one want to have tea? I’ll drink it all myself then’ to himself. He looks up and sees you. ‘Oh Y/N. I forgot you were here too. Want some tea?’ You nod and smile. Liam smiles, turns around and walk out of the same door he just walked in at. A sound of something that sounds like pots falling on the floor comes from the room where Liam had just walked into and a voice shouts: 'It was not me!' and out the door comes Harry with his hands up over his head. He looks around the room and gets eye contact with you. ‘Hi Y/N. Good to see you again. How are you?’ he says with his slow deep voice, walking towards you. ‘I’m good’ you say and look at Niall, who’s looking back at you with his beautiful blue eyes. You stroke Niall’s hair and smile at him. Niall smiles sweetly back at you. ‘I’m really good’ you say and look back at Harry. Harry points at you, then points at Niall, and then back at you as a bright smile light up his face. ‘I saw that!’ he says exited. He runs towards you and give the both of you a big hug. He pulls away and mess Niall’s hair with shaking his in it. ‘But… ehm… so basically I’m good too’ he says, trying to play cool, but it doesn't work and you all laugh at him. He sits down next to Louis, and they start talking about what is in the TV. Liam comes into the room again with a cup of tea, and puts the cup on the table in front of you. You take a sip. 'Mmmh strawberry. My favourite flavour' you think to your self. You feel Niall's arms around you and you, who’re still sitting on his lap, hug him and kiss his hair. You hear Louis and Harry let out a little ‘Aww’ and you look at them. They’re both looking at you with puppy faces. You get eye contact with Harry and you smile at each other. He looks back at the TV and you look back at Niall and ask: ‘Where are we driving to?’ ‘Well we’re driving to LA, but we have a lot of stops for concerts, signings and interviews on the way’ Niall says and smile to you. ‘Where are we going to stop the first time then?’ you ask and stroke his hair lightly. He lays his hand on your lap and your lay your hand on his hand. ‘Our first stop will be in Boston. And I think…’ He starts and looks at his watch. ‘We’ll be there in two hours.’ he continues. ‘HARRY!’ Someone suddenly shouts from somewhere in the bus and Zayn head come through a door. You all turn your heads and look at him. ‘Harry, I need your help. Oh, hi Y/N!’ Zayn says and smile to you. Harry start walking towards Zayn and say: ‘Aren’t they cute?’ pointing at you over his shoulder with his thumb. Zayn nods and smile to you. You feel your cheeks turn red and you let out a giggle.

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