A dream comes true - One Direction

A lot of my followers on twitter have asked if I could post my long imagines on Movellas as well, and i would love to so here it is: my long Niall Imagine

To be sure that you're updated on the imagine follow my twitter: @ImagineToKiss1D. I'll post my the new parts there before i'll post them here.

I hope you'll like them x


14. Part Fourteen

You soon arrive to the zoo and Niall insist to pay for your ticket, so you let him pay and give him a sweet kiss as a thank you. As you walk into the zoo Niall opens the zoo map and look at it. He stops up and says: ‘They don’t have any tigers or giraffes? Well this is differently not like the London zoo.’ Still looking at the map he smiles and continues: ‘I’ve never seen any of these animals before. This could be quite interesting! What do you want to see first, babe?’ He looks up from the map and looks at you. ‘I love the red pandas. They’re so cute!’ you say and points at the map. ‘Let’s go to the pandas!’ he says and takes you hand in his. You start walking towards the pandas.

As you walk towards the pandas you see some girls pointing at you and Niall. A few seconds later one of them scream: ‘It’s Niall!’ and she starts running towards you, the other girls follows her. Niall looks at you and sees that you’re a bit scared. He lays his arm around your waist and you lay your arm around his. The girls start taking pictures of you, and you try to smile and not look scared. Niall tries to comfort you with pressing his lips against your cheek. It works, now your smile comes naturally. You turn your head and give him a sweet kiss on his lips. You look each other deep into the eyes and smile. You just look at each other and almost forget anything about the girls taking pictures until some on them ask if they can get a picture with Niall. He looks at you questioningly if it’s okay with you. You nod and smile at him.

While the girls get their picture with Niall, a girl come to you and asks: ‘I have to ask: Are you the girl who was on the stage at the concert? And are you the one who’s kissing Niall on the picture in the newspaper?’ You feel your cheeks turning a bit red. ‘Yes that’s me’ you say. Niall is done taking pictures with the girls and starts walking towards you. You get eye contact and smile at each other. The girl you’re talking to sees it and almost scream: ‘OMG! You’re the luckiest girl in the world!’ Niall hugs you from the side and kisses your cheek as you say: ‘I know. He’s amazing!’ You look at him and you smile at each other.

You say goodbye to all girls, and when you walk, hand in hand, away from the group of girls, you can hear that they’re still taking pictures of you. On your way to the pandas you walk by some snow monkeys. You both stop of for a minute to look at the monkeys. You’ve always loved monkeys. Niall fool a bit around pretending to be one of the monkeys. You laugh at him. ‘He’s so adorable’ you think to your self. You continue the walk towards the pandas and when you see them you almost run towards them. You put yourself up by the railing for a better view over the pandas. 'Aww' you say as two of them hug each other. Niall hug you from behind, kisses your neck and whispers in your ear: 'It looks like us' and laugh a little. ‘I love you Y/N’ He rests his chin on your shoulder and you rest your head on his. ‘I love you too Niall’


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