A dream comes true - One Direction

A lot of my followers on twitter have asked if I could post my long imagines on Movellas as well, and i would love to so here it is: my long Niall Imagine

To be sure that you're updated on the imagine follow my twitter: @ImagineToKiss1D. I'll post my the new parts there before i'll post them here.

I hope you'll like them x


15. Part Fifteen


You stand and watching the pandas for a really long time, and know you have seen enough of pandas and you say that you will see the park's 4-D movie about penguins. Niall say that its sounds great and you start walking toward the 4-D theatre. You walk by a toilet and Niall says: ‘Babe, have to go in there. I'm back in a few minutes' and pointing to the toilet. You sit down on a bench to wait. You take your phone out of your pocket and check your twitter.. The pictures that the girls have taken are already all over twitter. You can not help it but smiling. In the same second Niall comes out from the toilet. He sees that you’re smiling all over your face and asks: 'Why are you smiling so bright?' and laugh a little. You hand him your phone so he can see your twitter, and he smiles. He takes his own phone out of his pocket and says: 'I will also take part in all this picture posting' and smiles at you. He takes the picture of you both sitting close together. His upload it to twitter with the words: "My love #NiallandY/N" You see his tweet pop up on your twitter. You lay your arms around his neck and kiss him. You pull away from the kiss, and he strokes your hair, and you both start walking again towards the theatre again.

When you stand in line for the theatre, there are some more girls who want to have a picture taken with Niall. There are also three girls who come to you and ask if they can get a picture with you. You look surprised at them and say: 'It's very sweet girls, but it is Niall who is your idol, not me. I would not use it in any way, I hope you understand' 'You are amazing Y/N! You and Niall are perfect together!' says one of them. You blush a bit. 'Can we get a hug then?' One of the other girls asks. 'Yes, come here' you say, smiling. You hug all three at one time. Suddenly, you feel that Niall joins the group hug. You hear the girls giggle. The doors to the theatre opens and you pull away from your hug. As you walk into the theatre Niall intertwines his fingers with yours and whispers to you: ‘You’re the most amazing girl I’ve ever meet!’ You blush a bit and smile at him.

You take seats in the middle of the cinema hall and the girls take the seats around you. Some of them take a picture of you and Niall sitting beside each other. Niall lays his arm around your shoulder and whispers ‘Let's just try to ignore them. We are here together, and that is all that matters' in a low voice so the girls can’t hear it. You lay your hands on he’s cheeks, and gently stroke his cheeks with your thumbs. He learns towards you and kisses you with his sweet soft lips. All the girls around to begin say ‘aww’ and take even more pictures than they did before. You pull away from the kiss and you rest your forehead on his. ‘I’m going to miss this so much’ he whispers. You look him into his eyes and say: ‘Me too Niall’. Soon the movie is about to start and you both find it very interesting.

When the movie ends you’re leaving the theatre, hand in hand. You say goodbye to the girls you met before the movie. You walk around in the zoo, trying to find a place where you can be just you two without any fans disturbs you. You finally find the perfect spot. You’re in the children area of the zoo. You find the food and the drinks you’ve packed earlier and begin to eat. You’re having a good time with telling jokes and stories, and looking at the kids who’s fooling around with the animals. You enjoy every moment, but suddenly you hear Niall’s ringtone. He sighs and takes the phone out of his pocket. He gets a sad expression on his face and answer the phone. There are a few seconds of silence before he says: ‘Are you serious?’ into phone with a sad voice and takes his hand up to his forehead. You look worried at him. ‘Yeah, I’m coming’ he says still with a sad voice. He hangs up the phone and stands up. You get worried and stand up too. 'I have to go to the hotel and pack my stuff. We’re leaving 2 hours' he says, looking you deep into your eyes.

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