A dream comes true - One Direction

A lot of my followers on twitter have asked if I could post my long imagines on Movellas as well, and i would love to so here it is: my long Niall Imagine

To be sure that you're updated on the imagine follow my twitter: @ImagineToKiss1D. I'll post my the new parts there before i'll post them here.

I hope you'll like them x


11. Part Eleven


Niall look confused in that direction the camera flash came from, and you both hear someone run away. He hugs you tight and whispers ‘I’m so sorry babe’ while looking deep into your eyes. He looks very shocked. ‘It was not meant this should happen. Not yet at least. I'm so, so sorry. I shouldn’t have…' You cut him of with your index finger on his lips. You stares into his eyes and whispers "It's okay ' and smiles. 'Are you sure babe? This will be in all the world's newspapers tomorrow!' he say, still look and sound shocked. You stroke his hair lightly and say, 'I'm sure. As long as it's you I’m kissing at the pictures, its okay for me' 'You are amazing Y/N’ He looks down into the ground, take a deep breath and slowly look back in your eyes. 'I think I love you,' he says, almost whispering. He gets red cheeks when you smile and say 'I love you too' He smiles and leans toward you. You close your eyes right before he presses his soft lips against yours. You feel a warm feeling fill your body. You say goodbye and you start to walk home.

After half an hour of walking you are at home and Amanda is waiting excited for you in the kitchen. 'So?' She says with her "I-will-know-all" voice. You tell her about everything from how it was to sit by the lake side and feeding each other with food to that he said he loved you. While you told the story Amanda looks that she was about to scream, and when you had finished the story she screamed. She gives you a tight hug and screams again. You join the screaming and you both begin to dance and fooling around in the kitchen.

When you’re done with dancing and fooling around in the kitchen, it’s almost midnight and Amanda has to go home. You’re really tired, so when you have hugged goodbye you decide to go to bed. You take your favourite pj on and braid your hair. You turn of the light and go to bed, but just as you've put yourself under the cover, begin your phone to vibrate on your nightstand. You reach out for it and look at the phone. It is an incoming call from Niall. You take the phone and say with sleepy voice: 'Hi' 'Hi babe. I hope don’t that I wake you?' Niall’s voice with the beautiful Irish accent on the phone say. 'You did not, but I was actually going to bed. But would you say something?' You say and laugh a little. 'Yeah, the boys are all in town or out to eat, and I'm alone in the hotel and thought about getting and staying with you instead?' he asks insecure. You can feel that you are quite red in your cheeks, but answers without hesitation: 'I would love to have you here'

You hurry to clear up your room a bit. You’ve just thrown the last clothes under the bed before you hear a knocking on the door. You hurry downstairs and open the door. And there he stands, Niall with his blond hair and sparkling blue eyes. He comes inside and you sit on the couch and talk. It’s almost 1 am and you start to yawn. Niall notes and he suggests that you should go to bed. You follow him to your room. 'Is it okay that I only sleep in my boxers?' he asks you. 'I would not have anything against that' you answer him with a twinkle in your eye. You lie down in bed and take the cover over you. He turns the light off and takes his clothes off, so he only has his boxers on. He crawls under the cover to you and puts his arm around your shoulder, and you put your head on his chest. Listening to his heartbeat is relaxing and you fall asleep within a few minutes. Niall strokes your shoulder and kiss your hair. A few minutes later he also falls asleep.

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