Bailey starts kindergarten to meet a very unique boy named Liam. They end up growing up together, and stick with eachother through everything. But then Liams boyband, 'One Direction' gets extremely popular. With Liam treat Bailey the same, or feed her to the sharks? Read to find out. :)


3. The date

"Thanks!" I said

 "So what do you want to do tonight?" I asked

"Oh, I don't know. Just chill. Watch a movie?"

"Sounds good to me!" 

He was gorgeous. I heard him ramble through some movies, and grab a few. He walked towards me and smiled.

"I have two good movie options. The notebook, or Paranormal Activity?"

I laughed. Paranormal Activity? That'd give me the creeps, and I kind of want to sleep tonight.

"Err.. I prefer the Notebook" I laughed

He smiled. "Sounds good."

He put on the movie, and we sat on the couch. He dimmed the lights, and sat down next to me. Really close for the first date. He put his arm around me, and snuggled close to me. I could tell he wanted me to snuggle back, so I gave in. Halfway through the movie, I could feel him staring at me throughout the movie, and I don't know why I did it, but I looked up at him. I was stuck in the moment, at this point. Quickly, I looked back to the movie. We were friends! Why was he making me feel like his girlfriend? I don't know, but it's a really good feeling. The movie finished, and it always gets me. I started crying.

"Awh babe! Why are you crying?" 

"Oh. It's no big deal. I always cry at this movie!" I laughed

"Oh. Well I think it's cute when you cry." He smiled

"Well thank yah! But it's getting late. I should probably be getting back now. But thanks for everything!" I said, leaning in to hug him.

"We should do this again. Tomorrow, let's go out to dinner?" He asked

"Really? You're not annoyed with me? Okay! It's a date!"

"No, not at all. You're amazing" With his eyes, super soft looking.

I kissed his cheek, then got in my car. Blushing like crazy. He's so sweet, it's unbelievable. I left my phone in the car, to see a text from Liam. It read "How was the date? You two love birds kept it G rated, correct?" I replied with "Oh Liam. We don't even date. But yes. It was G rated!' I got home and changed into my pajamas. Today was a good day, and I was super excited for tomorrow.. But then I realized. I told Liam I'd go to dinner with him tomorrow.  


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