Bailey starts kindergarten to meet a very unique boy named Liam. They end up growing up together, and stick with eachother through everything. But then Liams boyband, 'One Direction' gets extremely popular. With Liam treat Bailey the same, or feed her to the sharks? Read to find out. :)


1. My heart goes out to you

"Now you behave, got it missy? I love you and don't forget it!" My mother said kissing me on the cheek. It was my first day of kindergarten. I walked into my classroom, staring at all the other kids having fun with the toys and books. "Well hello, precious!" I heard a strange voice say. I turn around to see a very tall, thick woman staring back at me. "H-Hi" I stuttered.  "Your seat is over there, darling!" I nodded my head quickly and walked over to my desk. I sat down, getting situated into this new place.  "HI MY NAME IS LIAM PAYNE AND IT'S REAL NICE TO MEET YOU!" A little boy with amazing brown eyes, and brown, blondish hair said to me.  "Hi Liam, my name is Bailey! Want to be best friends forever?" I asked him, unsure of what his answer would be. "Sure!" He said, Giggling very loudly . I could tell this was going to be the start of a very interesting, and amazing friendship. I'm now 17 years old, and Liam has stuck with me through everything. He went on the Xfactor, & his band, One Direction has come pretty far. & Sure enough, Liam hasn't forgotten about me or anything. He's stuck with me through everything. Even the fame. He's my best friend, and I honestly don't know where I'd be without him. & you're probably thinking.. Do they like eachother? & the answer is no! We're friends. That's it! "AHHHHHHH!" I screamed as Liam tackled me onto the bed. "Get off me, you asshole!" "Fine, but under one condition" He said, laughing uncontrollably. "Fine, Fine, Fine! ANYTHING! Just get the hell off of me!" "Tell me you love me, Bailey!" "I LOVE YOU LIAM PAYNE. YOU'RE WONDERFUL!" I screamed, aching in pain. "Doesn't sound to convincing... but I'll take it!"  "Thank the lord. What do you weigh now? 180? 190?"  "Haha, very funny." He said, sarcastically. "But hey, at my house the waters like freezing! The hot water tank is empty! Mind if I take a shower here?" "Sure, but if I see any gross things in the shower, you're dead!" I screamed. "Thanks Bai, you're amazing." He said, kissing my cheek. "Welcome, fatty!" I said, joking. I walked back over to my bed and turned on the TV. My favorite move was on. The Notebook. As i was watching it, I slowly drifted off to sleep. I heard Liam come out of the bathroom, and lay next to me. He started playing with my hair, then he wrapped his arms around me, and soon enough, he was asleep too. I woke up to his snoring, and hit him in the arm. "Liam!" I whispered, trying to break free of his grip around my waste. "Liam!" I whispered louder. "WHAT?" He screamed. "Your stupid snoring woke me up!" I whined. "I'm sorry, love.!" He said, grabbing my hand, and kissing it. "It's alright, romeo!" I laughed. "But I'm hungry!" I whined again. "Good for you. Go make something." He said, half asleep. "Thanks bro!" I said sarcastically. I stood up, grabbed my keys and drove to Zaxbys. Once I was back in my apartment, I see Liam still sleeping, like a baby. So, I decided to jump on him. "LIAM! WAKE UP SLEEPY HEAD! I GOT YOU FOOD!" "Get off of me, Bailey!" He moaned. "Not until you get your lazy ass up!" "Alright, I'm up!" He croaked "I got you your favorite!" "Thanks, beautiful! He said, then kissing my forehead. My phone went off, just to see my crushes name appear. It read "Hey Bailey! I was  wondering if you wanted to go to the movies tonight?" I squealed. "What is it?!"  "Oh you know.. HUNTER JUST ASKED ME OUT ON A DATE! BOO YAH!" I screamed. "Ugh." He groaned.  "What?!" "You know I've never liked him. He's only gonna hurt you, and you know that." "He's not going to hurt me! What don't you understand about that?" "Best friends know best, and I have this feeling he's gonna do something wrong to you. It's in my gut." "Liam, I don't really care what you have to say. Why can't you just be excited for me?" "Because! He's not the guy for you! He's a player. He dated every girl in school. He's using you for something. I don't know if its sex, or money.. or whatever it is. But i don't feel right with you going out with him." "Well I'm sorry, but you can't tell me who I can, and can't go out with. You're not my dad." "Why do you gotta flip out on me every time I tell you my opinion? Don't gotta be a bitch, Bailey!" & with that, he walked out of my apartment, without saying another word.

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