Gotta be you

Jemma has the worst life ever with her rapist murederer dad but she won't tell anyone about him untill one day she runs away and meets the most gorgous, brave and funny guy Harry from One direction. They fall in love and nearly get killed.


2. The truth

Harry's Prov 

I put Jemma down on to a bench she was so scared her hands were shaking.

"Why did you want to get way from him" I asked. She didn't reply "Please tell me the truth" I said looking in her beautifull brown eyes and brushed a bit of her dirty blonde hair out her face.

So she told me. I was shocked. How coud anyone do that to such a beautifull girl. Suddenly I had a brillient idea.

"I know you could come to my house with me and the boys" I said pulling my best smile. Jemma giggled. "Is that a yes then?" I asked still grinning

"well I dunno if it wouldn't be to much trouble"Jemma said. "course not" I said "so lets go"


Jemma's Prov

Harry quickly picked my up and carried me all the way to his house. Its was huge. He carried me into the house and put me carefully on one of three sofas. I looked around there was a huge tv. I sat up an bit it was a very stylish house there was a open plan kitchen and sitting/dining room. There was a long corridor with various doors going to rooms. At one side of the room there was french windows, I could see a pool with a diving board.

Harry came back in the room with a first aid kit. He strapped my leg up. Then sat down next to me "Are you o.k. now" he asked

"yeah i'm fine thanks" I said smiling "I love your house."

"Thanks, sorry about the boys they're having an arguement" Harry said sighing. 

I laughed a little bit. "Can I have a look around" I asked.

"yeah sure" Harry said cooly "I'll help you." So he helped me up and helped me hop along. I could hear some noice coming from the end room. By the way Harry groaned when it got loader. The boy's must of been in there. I looked at Harry.    " Can I?" I asked.     "Allright" he sighed then he opened the door.

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