Gotta be you

Jemma has the worst life ever with her rapist murederer dad but she won't tell anyone about him untill one day she runs away and meets the most gorgous, brave and funny guy Harry from One direction. They fall in love and nearly get killed.


1. Running Away

Jemma's Prov

I was so scared. I could hear Gary coming up the stairs shouting.

"JEMMA COME DOWN HERE NOW IM GOIING TO KILL YOU." I knew he was going to find me. I couldn't imagin what he was going to do when he did. Quickly I grabbed the small bag I had packed in case I got brave enough to run away. I could hear him get closer still shouting he was going to kill me.

This was my chance I grabbed my bag opened the window and jumped on to the porch roof and climbed down. I looked back up I could see Gary trying to get through the window. Quickly I ran up the drive as fast as I could. I tripped and hurt my ankel but I didn't stop for I could hear him getting nearer. I ran. To the only place I found safe, Secret Park, me and my mum came here together when I was younger but she died two years ago. As I thought of her I began to cry. I ran into the deserted park and into a small cave on the side of a small hill. I backed away to the back of the cave and waited. After awhile I fell asleep.

I must of been asleep for hours because when I woke up it was getting dark. He must of given up by now so slowly I creeped out of the cave. I wondered to a bench and sat down just watching the world go by and working out where to go. I had no where. I began crying.

"I'm so stupid, I didn't think about anything if I was brave and told someone at the start none of this would of happened" I was crying harder now.

"Are you all right" said a voice this made my heart race. I looked up and there sat next to me was the most beautifull, handsome guy I ever saw.

"yeah I um" I didn't know what to say. I had to tell him but I just couldn't I didn't know him and then just to make thing worse I started crying again.

"hey hey hey don't cry come on you can tell me whats wrong I won't hurt you, I'm Harry by the way who are you" Said Harry wrapping his arms around me into a hug. I was scared so I pushed him away. He looked a bit hurt

" I'm Jemma"I mumbled "sorry its just..."I stopped I thought I saw Gary. Harry saw me looking. "Get me away, get me away from him" I cryed.

"What from who"Harry asked

"Gary" I said quietly" hes going to kill me" I mumbled. I think Harry most of seen  him because he suddenly said
"Ok come on" I stood up but almost emedietly fell down in pain "ah my ankel it hurts." Then to my suprise he lifted me up bribal style and carryed me to the other side of the park.

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