Hate, Lies and... Him

There is no comfort in lies or in hate, but, I find comfort in him.


2. Questions

Everyone was on one side of the table, I sat in between Dad and Cara. Next to Cara was Matty and Saskia. Next to Dad was Jenny (my stepmother) and Little J. Dad was pacing behind me, making the situation a whole lot more tense. I could feel that at any moment he would snap. Matty and Saskia stood by the kettle making tea and Coffee talking in hushed voices.

Ten minutes later, the situation had still not changed. Christiana sat opposite us all. In between us were 4 Items all hers all found in her room. A half drained bottle of Vodka, some cigarettes and a lighter and what looked to us like sugar but, what we knew to different.

Dad finally sat down and sipped at his Coffee. Christi locked her gaze onto him. No one spoke.

Slowly Christi moved. Her hand reached out for the Cigarettes, she pulled one out and put it to her lips. The room fell silent as she lit it. Dad did snap then, he stood up and slammed his fists onto the table knocking over his chair and sending it sliding across the floor.


Christi took a drag from her cigarette. She looked up at dad, her eyes seemed to be filled with anger and sadness, and, amusement? 

"WELL?" He shouted.

"Your chair is on the floor." She said.

"You find this funny?" Matty asks ; if anyone was going to snap next it would surely be him.

We have a history of bad temper in our family, Dad and Matty had tried on various attempts to keep their temper contained and, in most cases it worked. However, Christi, Christi's temper we had allowed to manifest inside her, growing and growing. Now I fear for anyone who crosses her path.

Christi mused for a minute.

"I would consider it Highly entertaining." She said. To an outsider her reply would have been entirely Innocent. To us though, we could hear the venom in her voice. 

"Put out the cigarette." Matty said as calmly as he could. For a moment, I thought she would disobey, but, she removed from her mouth and stubbed it out on the back of her hand. I watched her face for any sign of pain. Nothing.

"Ouch." Little J (my half sister) said quietly.

Everyone had forgotten her. Dad turned to my stepmother.

"Jenny will you please take LJ to Granny and Grumpy's please."

Jenny nodded and ushered LJ from the room, no one spoke until we had heard the wheels to her car roll off the drive.

Christi moved to light another cigarette.

"Put it out!" Matty said I could hear the impatience rising in his voice.

"Make me." Christi murmured.

Matty got up and began to move round the table to Christi's side of the table. Saskia grabbed his hand and pulled him to his senses before any harm could come to anyone. 

"So what is the first question?" Christi asked.



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