Athelia Queann is living the glamorous life in London as one of the richest people in England. She's a big sensation, and everything the fans thinks she's not. She's manipulative, spoiled, selfish and nothing is never good enough for a star like her. Behind all the glitter and the fake smile, a loneliness is slowly tearing her up inside. But one day a person enters her life and changes everything. Even though Athelia don't want anyone to come this close to her, that one person starts becoming really importnant whether she wants it or not. That person is someone she used to know as Niall Horan from One Direction. Nothing more.


45. UPDATE from me :)

Hello everyone!!!

I am literally so so sorry for not updating for this long! I've been really busy with school and friends and I just got back from 3 weeks holiday in New York and Florida so... And also I kind a got the feeling when I posted the last chapter called 'the ending of a fairytale' that no one was really reading my story anymore. And since I really want to start the sequel soon - maybe tomorrow or something like that - I wanna know first that there will be someone to read it. Comment bellow if you're still reading and want to read the sequel. If I get enough comments, I'll start the sequel right away! xxxxx Hope you're all having a lovely time!

Big love :)

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