Athelia Queann is living the glamorous life in London as one of the richest people in England. She's a big sensation, and everything the fans thinks she's not. She's manipulative, spoiled, selfish and nothing is never good enough for a star like her. Behind all the glitter and the fake smile, a loneliness is slowly tearing her up inside. But one day a person enters her life and changes everything. Even though Athelia don't want anyone to come this close to her, that one person starts becoming really importnant whether she wants it or not. That person is someone she used to know as Niall Horan from One Direction. Nothing more.



Hello to everyone!

I've decided to do a sequel... And I know excatly what should happen in it. Later today, I will update a very short chaper which is the start to Underneath 2. It's supposed to make you wanna read the sequel. It's like a small resume of what the sequel is gonna be about. Stay updated, I'll post it soon. Thankyou so much for all your lovely comments, it means so much.

Lots of love xxxxx

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