Athelia Queann is living the glamorous life in London as one of the richest people in England. She's a big sensation, and everything the fans thinks she's not. She's manipulative, spoiled, selfish and nothing is never good enough for a star like her. Behind all the glitter and the fake smile, a loneliness is slowly tearing her up inside. But one day a person enters her life and changes everything. Even though Athelia don't want anyone to come this close to her, that one person starts becoming really importnant whether she wants it or not. That person is someone she used to know as Niall Horan from One Direction. Nothing more.


42. Raindrops

Athelia's P.O.V


Finally we were there. The boys stopped the car as we reached the end of the road. We parked in the side of the deserted road. It looked like this was the start of a forest. A long gravel path winding through trees and buches took shape at the end of the road.

"Okay, walk until you reach a lake. Down that path there", Zayn explained pointing on the long gravel path inside the forest. I tried to see what was hiding at the end of the path. It was impossible. Trees everywhere. It was probably just more forest.

"Okay...", I mumbled and suddently the boys started to go inside the car again.

"Are you going to just leave me here?", I shouted and Harry made a thumbs up out of his window as he started the car. I wrinkled my eyebrows, getting a bit nervous. They had to tell me what on earth this was! I could easily get lost in such a big forest like that.

"Start walking!", Louis shouted out his window. And then the black range rover slowly drove away getting smaller and smaller in the horizon. I stood there and watched the car until it was only a small black dot.

I started to go into the forest. The trees were just as green and lush as the rest of them I had seen on my way over here. They shaded for the sun, but still a few places a slight sunbeam got through the threetops making it look so pretty. A few flowers had also started to grow.

As I had been walking for some minuts I could see the trees started to disappear and I got to a small grassfield full of sunshine. And at the end of the grassfield a blank lake were lying looking so peacefull giving me slight goosebumps. This was like a fairtaile. All so unreal and beatiful.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXOLn0_F-Po - Listen to his :)

Niall's P.O.V

Then suddently between all the trees she appeared. Her long slight curled hair hanging down her shoulders and her bare long tanned legs. Looking so full of summer and so full of life. Her bottle green eyes met mine and I could tell something was sparkling ínside of them. Her faces lightned up in a smile as she saw me. It looked like she couldn't believe her own eyes. She stopped walking and her seductive eyes started to admire me.

"Niall?", she said in a low voice but still sounding suprised and overwhelmed.


Athelia's P.O.V

My heart stopped beating and my body suddently felt extremly light, like I could fly to the sky easily.

"Niall?", I said in a low voice, sounding more happy than I wanted to sound. I couldn't help but smile.

As I walked down to the lake where he was standing I saw a wooden and oldfashioned rowboat gurgling in the water. In the water hundreds of white birds made out of cardboard were surounding the boat making it look so beaitufl and very familiar. The notebook. I remembered this scene so very clearly. How they row out on the lake surounded by white beatiful birds and it starts to rain and then they kiss.

I couldn't help but giggle at how sweet he was.

"I couldn't get any real birds, sorry", he laughed a bit refering to the cardboard birds in the water. It didn't matter. I absouluteley loved these birds. They were way better, much cutter.

"It doesn't matter, I hate birds", I smiled. He smiled slightly and looked down at his feet.

"Would you mind if I took you on a small boat ride?", he asked with a smile on his lips. His blue eyes were filled wit excitement and happiness as he carefully took my hand to help me get into the small boat. As I got down in the boat he took place in the boat himself. Quitly he started to row us away from the width.

Above us the sun was shining down at us and the lake.

"How have you been?", he suddently asked looking at me. The question was wierd, but still I found it nice that we started out slowly instead of rushing everything. 'How have you been' was a nice question. So simple.

"I've been good", I lied with a smile while I squinted my eyes for the sun.

He slowly nodded. "Or actually , I've been like shit", I admitted with a small laugh. It was the true, and he knew it so why not just tell him. I had missed him. A lot.

He laughed a bit at me. "Well, so have I", he replied with a smile.

"It's amazing what you've done",  I said looking around at the beautiful lake and the birds.

"Well, remember when you told me you had always wanted a realtionship like Noah and Allie's... I thought this was the cutest sceen in the whole movie", he explained to me. I smiled. He was amazing. To do all this. Just for me.

"I can't make it rain though", he said. I giggled slightly at him.

For some seconds both of us were quiet just looking at each other. Birds from the forest and the slight wind was the only thing you could hear. The small brize made some of my hair fly infront of my face and carefully I placed the hair behind my ear.

"I've missed you a lot", he then admitted breaking the silence. His gaze looked at bit hurt. My eyes wandered over his beatiful face, not missing any single detail.

"I've missed you too", I smiled. This moment was perfect. White beautiful birds and green lifeful trees surounding us, birds singing in the background, the sun warming our bodies and all by ourself in a small wooden boat in the middle of a beautiful lake. So perfect.

We slowly started to move closer to each other in the both. He let go of the paddles and stopped rowing.

"I'm sorry I ran away, I've realized now that.... I was just scared", I said. He looked me deep into my eyes.

"Athelia", he sighed. "I really lo...".

I put my finger over his mouth with a small smile. "No", I said closing my eyes for some short seconds enjoying the sun warming up my face.

"Let me start this time", I said.

"I love you". I said it and I meant every word of it.

His blue eyes looked sparkling and endless happy as a smile grew on his lips. A feeling of truely hapiness was rushing through both our bodies.

"I love you too", he mumbled with his face now very close to mine.

"Very much", he then mumbled while pressing his lips roughly against mine. His strong hands lifted my body up without seperating our lips. I digged my fingers into his hair and kissed him back with passion. The best kiss I had ever had. Long, passionate, beautiful, sweet, rough, and then with someone I loved like no one else in the world.


Niall's P.O.V

The feeling of holding her in my arms again was overwhelming.. The feeling of her lips dancing on my lips made my body feel weightless. The feeling of finally being this close to her again made me forget every single day I had spent without her.

And then as I stood there in the boat holding her in my arms while kissing her passionatly something amazing happened. A cold feeling of tiny waterdrops started to hit our hair and shoulders. We both stopped kissing and looked up at the sky. She smiled wightly as the raindrops hit her face.

"It's raining", she whispered as our clothes got more and more wet. Her hair started sticking to her face and dripinng, but she didn't care.

"It's raining", she repeated with a giggle. I laughed and kissed her lips again. She kissed me back for some seconds before we both laid our heads back and let the raindrops hit our faces.

"Let me be your Allie", she whispered to me and looked into my eyes with her seductive green eyes.

I kissed her lips and looked back into her eyes. "Then I'll be your Noah".



So know the story is over! This was the end... I really hope you thoUght this was a good ending. I spent a lot of time making it. Please leave a comment all of you who's gonna read this chapter. Would love to know what you think about the ending and just basicly the whole story. Enjoyed writing it a lot.

And also I'm considering making an Underneath 2.. What do you all think of that idea? xxx :)

BIG LOVE!!! <3







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