Athelia Queann is living the glamorous life in London as one of the richest people in England. She's a big sensation, and everything the fans thinks she's not. She's manipulative, spoiled, selfish and nothing is never good enough for a star like her. Behind all the glitter and the fake smile, a loneliness is slowly tearing her up inside. But one day a person enters her life and changes everything. Even though Athelia don't want anyone to come this close to her, that one person starts becoming really importnant whether she wants it or not. That person is someone she used to know as Niall Horan from One Direction. Nothing more.


39. //OBS//

Hellooooo! I'm back, woho! Missed this so much. One whole week with no use of television, computer and phone was horrible but I did it and I'm back! :) xxx

I reeeally hope some of you are still reading, cause I wanna update so bad! Leave a comment if you're still reading, I'm so afraid that everyone might have gone.. :( xx But I'm so bussy at the moment with school, friends and stuff like that so I'm sorry if there will be a few days between the updates...

Big love! XXX

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