Athelia Queann is living the glamorous life in London as one of the richest people in England. She's a big sensation, and everything the fans thinks she's not. She's manipulative, spoiled, selfish and nothing is never good enough for a star like her. Behind all the glitter and the fake smile, a loneliness is slowly tearing her up inside. But one day a person enters her life and changes everything. Even though Athelia don't want anyone to come this close to her, that one person starts becoming really importnant whether she wants it or not. That person is someone she used to know as Niall Horan from One Direction. Nothing more.


5. Not letting anyone in

The lunch place looked nice. Like... really nice. Not like Nandos, McD, Burger King, The chinese one or The steakhouse were I usually ate. The waiters was dressed in black and white suits, the tableclothes were white and the plates and cutlery were bright and shiny newpolished. In the background there was quiet music. The type of music a very old classy lady would be listening too.

She sat with her legs crossed and read the menu-card in silence.

"Those steaks looks reeeeaally small...." I mumbled waiting for her to agree.

"If you eat like an animal", she said while wrinkeling her eyebrows. She looked at me through her eyelashes. She was very beautiful. Very.

"I've decided", I smiled and leaned back in the chair.

"Me too", she said and ´waved at the waiter.

"Yes?", the waiter smiled politely and almost bowed for us.

"One water with ice.... ice from bottle not from the tap, and the salad with beans please", Athelia ordered.

"And for you sir?".

"Two of those steaks with potatos..... no wait three actually!".

Athelia's eyes expanded and she almost fell down the chair. She looked at the waiter who looked a little confused.

"Sure", he said while writing down and left.

"Three? You MUST be an animal....", Athelia exclaimed when he was gone.

"They looked very small!", I defended myself.

She just looked cold at me.

"So, how many movies have you acted in?".

"A lot. I'm not just 'some' actor.... I'm hard to get", she said and made a wierd coating with the corner of her mouth.

"I know.... I've experiended it a few times", I smiled, but she didn't smile back.

"You know, this... this does not happen for many boys. Im not easy to get! You should be very thankfull. You're very lucky. This is not something I do often", she explained and it sounded like it was importnant to her I knew that.

"What is this?".

"This... me... going out with you..... not going out.... having lunch with you", she said and took a small sip of her ice water.

"Sure" I smiled and knew I pissed her off.

"It's not! I don't want to have lunch with you, I'm just...."

"Just?...", I teased her while a smile grew on my face. She gave me a killer-look.

"I'm doing this for you, not for me", she said an looked proud of her explanation.

"Thats very nice of you Athelia. To do that for me". I laughed a little. "And btw. What is this we are listening too?".

"The music.... it's Georgio Peoir. He's very talented. Don't you hear the beauty in the melody?".

"He doesn't even sing, its just a melody", I said. Athelia looked offended like it was her music.

"Just a melody? Hes a very talented pianist, but you wouldn't know that....", Athelia said closing her eyes while listening.

"To me it's boring", I just said. "Is that your inspiration?".

"What do you mean by inspiration?", Athelia asked.

"Everyone's got some lyrics, a melody, a song, an artist that inspire them. If you should say a song, would this be the one?".

"I don't have an inspiration.... I love myself to much". I laughed at the last part, and apperently Athelia meant it one hundred procent because she looked confused when I laughed.

"Come on... everyone's got someone who inspire them?".

"I don't".

"You can have many inspirations, I've got many. You can pick more than one, if thats the problem?", I said.

"I just don't have one. Why should I? I mean... I'm perfect without any inspiration".

I looked at her face for some seconds. Her eyes were vey beautiful. Like puppy-eyes and her face was simply just very pretty. Simple and pretty.

"One day you should, go to one of his concerts. Georgio. It's amazing".

"Would you go with me if I went?".

"No". Athelia answered quik and looked down at the table.

"Why are you so afraid?".

"Afraid of what?".

"Letting someone in. I mean.... you don't have any close friends. Maybe thats because you don't give people a change...". I made sure not to sound mean while saying it. It wasn't ment bad.

"I do have close friends! And I do give people a change! Everyone jus isn't good enough for me!".

"Maybe you should give them a change to be good enough?", I suggested talking slowly with a low voice.

"And don't you even think that you're good enough for me. I'm not letting you in by having lunch with you. I'm only doing this for you".

"Ofcourse", I just said.

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