Athelia Queann is living the glamorous life in London as one of the richest people in England. She's a big sensation, and everything the fans thinks she's not. She's manipulative, spoiled, selfish and nothing is never good enough for a star like her. Behind all the glitter and the fake smile, a loneliness is slowly tearing her up inside. But one day a person enters her life and changes everything. Even though Athelia don't want anyone to come this close to her, that one person starts becoming really importnant whether she wants it or not. That person is someone she used to know as Niall Horan from One Direction. Nothing more.


8. Making headlines

Nialls P.O.V

"What is this?", Harry asked again and pointed with his long finger on the photo in the magasine. A photo of me and Athelia leaving McDonalds last week. She looked at the ground, and it was hard to see her face but still you could reconize her. The wind was making her lightbrown hair messy and made it fly around in all kinds of directions. It looked cute. She was carrying a black expensive bag on her wrist and I was with my hands in the pocket of my cowboyspants and a light grey sweather.

I read a headline. 'Nathelia? New couple?' and another headline 'Niall from One Direction is now dating the hot actress Athelia Qeann' and another one 'Secret relationsship becomes public: Niall and Athelia' and another one ' McD's, how romantic!'. Athelia would die, was the first thing that hit me.

"Are you seriously dating her?", Harry asked and sat down at the couch with the magasine in his hands. He opened it.

"I've heard she's a total snob...", Liam said . They were all looking interested at me and they were diffenetly waiting for me to say something.

"Okay... guys, it not what it looks like", I just said but wasn't really into the conversation. I couldn't stop thinking about Athelia. Had she seen it yet? Would she see it? How would she feel about it? Did she even read that kinda of gossip-magasines?

"It isn't? Because it really looks like you're dating a really hot actress!", Louis smiled.

"Well, we've been out for lunch a few times...", I mumbled very low.

"A few times?!", Zayn exclaimed. "Dude! Why haven't you told us anything?!".

"I just... I don't know.... It wasn't that big of a deal. Just lunch. Were not even close to dating.Actually I think she hates me!", I said trying to sound careless and relaxed.

"Hates you? Wait... I'm confused..... She hates you but still you've been out a few times?", Harry said scratching his hair and wrinkeling his eyebrows. His curly hair looked messy as he flipped it away from his face.

"Its complicated... seriously, relax. I'm still single", I smiled.

"Well... is she a total snob?", Liam asked.

"No... I mean... yes, but... ". It was like I tripped over my own words. I bite my lip and smiled insecure at the boys. I could not stop starring at the many magasines and headlines there was spread all over the woodentable in the rehearsel room. It was only the five of us gathered around the table drinking some water and Laim eating a Twix. Louis sat on the floor while the rest of us was sitting in the couches.

"Then why are you dating her? I mean if she's as manipulative and snobbish as people say.... ", Liam said. Not accusingly, just interested.

"I'm not dating her, seriously...!", I said a little annoyed and reached out for a bottle of water.

"Well, then... why are you 'having lunch' with her if she's like that?", Louis asked lifting his left eyebrow up and down making me laugh a little.

"She just need someone who cares for her", I defended myself.

"Which you do?....", Zayn said.

"No!.... I mean... I don't know", I said confused and ran a hand through my hair.

"Someone's in loooove....", Louis teased me and Harry laughed.

"I'm not in love.... c'ome on. You know girls like that is not my type!". I was not in love with Athelia. I had no idea why they said that? What made them think that?

"Well, maybe you've become blind?", Harry said.

"Blind?", I said not undertsanding a word.

"Blind of loooove", Louis laughed and they all laughed. I shook my head smiling a little but still feeling wierd. I was NOT in love!

After some minutes of teasing me they finally stopped and became serious.

"Okay, sorry Nathelia", Louis smiled and I gently punched him on the shoulder to look careless and like I found the teasing funny.

"Is she nice?", Liam asked. Goodhearted Liam.

"Yes, I think so. Yes, she can be snobbish, manipulative, spoiled and selfish but I also think shes kind of lonley and just.... vulnerable", I explained in a low voice.

Liam nodded like he understood.

"You kissed yet?", Harry asked giving me a cheeky smile. Ofcourse. Harry was always the one to ask questions like that.

"No, I've barely touched her yet".

"Wow, you're reeeeally taking it slow, huh?", Zayn smiled.

"Hm", I just mumbled.

Athelia's P.O.V

"Atheliaaaa", Dorthyas voice sounded from downstairs. I was just in the middle of picking a coat on my way to the set. I ignored her as I decided on a darkblue kneelong one. She yelled again.

"What Dorthya?!", I screamed upset while walking down the stairs. My hair was in a high ponytaile and I was wearing skinny black jeans and a white shortsleeved Marc Jacobs shirt.

""You're on the cover of many magasines, miss", she said excited and showed me a handfull of magasines.

"Thats not news.... I'm always on the cover!", I just said swinging my Mulberry over my shoulder and opening up the door to the cold outside were my cab was waiting.

"Wait, you need to see miss. Not what like in other magasines....", Dorthya chuckled confused.

"Dorthya. Bye", I said leaving. Like it was news to me being of the cover of the magasines? They always wrote about my style! Which was understanding.

I walked down oxford street on my way to the set which was just around the corner. Today we were shotting in an appartment on Oxford street.

Suddently something made me stop up. Outside a kiosk a there was a poster of Fame-lounge's cover today. I was on it. But that wasn't what made me so angry. It was who I was with. The ugly-blonde. And me. Leaving McDonalds. Oh my god, could it get any worse? What the hell was this?! I felt like my world was falling apart. First of all I had just been photographed toghether with the ugly-blonde! Second of all: I was leaving McDonalds on the photo! How embarressing! My reputation was ruined. RUINED! This was a disaster! What must people think of me?! That I was dating a fool like him!? That I was eating on McDonalds?! I was to good for him. They must realise that when seeing the picture.

I rushed into the store and bought the magasine. After that I decided to hide it in my purse and then go straight home.I hated the movie anyway.







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