Athelia Queann is living the glamorous life in London as one of the richest people in England. She's a big sensation, and everything the fans thinks she's not. She's manipulative, spoiled, selfish and nothing is never good enough for a star like her. Behind all the glitter and the fake smile, a loneliness is slowly tearing her up inside. But one day a person enters her life and changes everything. Even though Athelia don't want anyone to come this close to her, that one person starts becoming really importnant whether she wants it or not. That person is someone she used to know as Niall Horan from One Direction. Nothing more.


11. Feeling happy

He looked at me for a while just smiling. It was like everything stood still around us. I winked with my eyes a  bit, and moistred my lips. A bit nervous. If he said no, my pride would be gone forever.

"Who's there?!", a birtish accent sounded from behind him. A curly haired guy's head appeared behind the ugly blondes face. Fantastic. Brilliant. He had company, and I would look pathetic. But he would be the stupid one, if he rejected me.

"Oh hello", the curly haired one smiled and leaned against the door frame with his elbow.

"Niall, introduce us please", another voice sounded and another head appeared behind him. A guy with blue eyes, brown hair and a friendly face.

"Eh, yeah,,, sure". The ugly-blond looked like he was in his own world. He didn't pay the other guys attention, he just looked at me like he was in the middle of drowning in me. He couldn't stop smiling a bit while just staring at me.

"This is Athelia, and this is Louis and...and Harry", he ponited at the guys.

"Nice to meet you", the one who apperantly was named Harry smiled secretly and looked like he was holding back a giggle. He reached out for my hand to shake it.

I looked down at his hand. A very big one. I didn't want to. I just wished I hadn't come. It was so akward.

I shaked just to be polite. I really wished for the blonde to say something!

"I'm Louis", the one with the blue eyes smiled and shaked my hand too.

"Seriously, what is happening? Why are you all hanging out here? " a new voice sounded and another face appeared. Would the new voices and appearing heads just stop now!?

"Isn't you Athelia? That girl Niall...".

"Athelia, yes you're right Liam", the blonde interupted him. It looked like all of the boys new something about me I didn't. They looked so....  wierd at me like they was trying not to laugh. Like they had a secret about me or..... I was confused.

I hadn't said a word ever since I asked him to have dinner with me. I decided to do it now.

"Maybe this was a bad idea, I should go....", I said looking at the ground and turned around.

Some hands grabbed my upper-arm. "No, stay".

I turned around, and looked directly into his blue eyes. "Please".

The other boys were still standing in the door way looking wierd at me. Looking a little cheeky at each other.

"Hey, seriously it's boring playing fifa on your own!" a voice sounded and someone appeared behind the other guys. A brown haired one, a bit more tanned than the other guys. He stopped talking when he saw us all standing there in the hallway. He smiled at Harry who was sending him one of those secretly smiles.

"I'm Zayn", he said.

"Boys, could you leave us alone for a sec?", the blonde asked the rest of the boys.

The boys dissapeared slowly from the doorframe, looking a bit dissaponited that they had to leave.

"Good to finally meet you Athelia!", Louis yealled. Finally? I was very confused.

We stood looking at each other for some time in the hallway. He was admireing me.

"I'm s sorry for all.....that", he said smiling. "Please stay. I would love to have dinner with you".

"Aren't you in the middle of....something?", I said.

"No...no....", he said shaking his head. "I'm sorry for being so quit at first. I was so chocked you actually wanted to have dinner with me".

"So am I!", I said.

"Well....if you're still in I would love to", he just said standing a liiiitle to close. I took a step back.

"Well.....". I smiled at him. Which I didn't do very often. "Okay".

"Two sec, I'm just gonna get my jacket", he said and I followed him into his flat. The other boys we're standing on the other side of the open door. It was obvious they had been listening to our conversation.

The blonde laughed a little. "Oh god...".

"Hey, you can't just go out have fun  and eat without us!", Louis said. He tried to look  offended.

"Yeah, lets go all of us!", Harry suggested smiling big.

"No, guys....we don't wanna put a pressure on them...", Liam said.

The blonde had finally found his jacket and was now searchingfor his wallet.

"C'ome n, it will be fun!", Louis begged. "Pretty pleeeaase".

"It's been so long since all of us wet out for dinner", Harry said putting an arm around the ugly-blondes neck.

"Hazza, we went out yesterday". the blonde said wrinkeling his eyesbrows.

"Well...Athelia have never been out with any of us. I think it's on time!", Harry continued.

"Athelia like the idea, don't you?", Zayn smiled swinging his green camouflage jacket over his shoulders.

"Ehmm....", I just mumbled. Actually the guys seemed like good company. So i didn't care. As longs as the ugly-blonde went with us. Wait... what?! Did I just.... I didn't mean that, I convinced my self. I was only here bcause I got a little frustated. Not because.... I liked him or anything. "Sure".

"See?", Zayn said staring at the blonde.

"Well....all right then! If Athelia think it's okay!", he finally gave up and waved at the door. The boys happily juumped towards the door smiling at me.

Niall's P.O.V

Her eyes were sparkling. Like fireworks. They looked so beatiful. I could keep staring into them for forever. Her smile was convincing. Like she was really extremly happy. I could keep staring at it for forever. Her laugh was so amazing finally to hear. Like music in my hear. I could keep listening to it for forever.

The light were darkned at the little pub Harry had found for us. First Athelia didn't wanna go in, but we got her convinced. We ordered drinks. And food. We sat around a wooden table covered with candles, plates and drinks.

I had never seen her like this before. It looked like she was enjoying it. Like she was really happy. She laughed, talked and smiled true to whole dinner after she had only got one tiny drink. Her eyes looked so much alive. They were truely sparkling like fireworks.

And she wasn't the only one. All of us looked as happy as her. We were all laughing to tears, talking about everything in the whole world and smiling like nothing had ever been bad. Our laughs was almost drowning the loud music.

"Seriously?! You did thaaaat?!", she laughed smililng at Louis after him telling all of us a story.

I leaned my head back laughing my heart out. "Oh god, Louis!", I laughed.

Then Harry said something funny and we all laughed again. Then she said something funny and we all laughed again and so it went on. With too much alocohol in our blood, we sat there squeazed tighly around a wooden table just talking and laughing so loud.

And without wanting to, I felt more and more in love with her as the evening went on. More and more for everytime her beautiful laugh sounded in my ears. More and more for everytime her perfect smile sat on her lips. More and more for evrytime her eyes looked so happy and alive like never before. Maybe she was drunk, yes. But I still believed that this Athelia always had been hiding behind the other Athelia. I still believed this was the real Athelia. A girl letting go, not caring about a single thing in the whole world. Just living her life. Free.

Athelia's P.O.V

How could one single person enter my life, and on such a short time change everything? How could he be the reason for me feeling so happy? How could he possibly be the reason for me feeling so free and alive for the first time in my life? How could he?

My heart was pounding from the alcohol and to the sound of the loud music on the pub. We talked. And laughed. That was all we did. I liked them. All of them. But mostly Niall.

Niall. Not the ugly-blonde. Niall.












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