Athelia Queann is living the glamorous life in London as one of the richest people in England. She's a big sensation, and everything the fans thinks she's not. She's manipulative, spoiled, selfish and nothing is never good enough for a star like her. Behind all the glitter and the fake smile, a loneliness is slowly tearing her up inside. But one day a person enters her life and changes everything. Even though Athelia don't want anyone to come this close to her, that one person starts becoming really importnant whether she wants it or not. That person is someone she used to know as Niall Horan from One Direction. Nothing more.


32. Coming after you

Athelia's P.O.V

I reached out for my phone which were lying on my nightstand and found out it was 3.18 am. Probably not a good time to go visit someone, but I knew he wouldn't care. I didn't know why, but just the thought of that I was about to go see him made my heart beat a bit faster in my chest. Like a small fast drum.

I threw my legs out over the edge of the bed and sat up. I sad there on the edge for a while, thinking this true one last time.  I breathed in and out a few times, feeling my heartbeat slowing down. I turned on my bedlamp and my room got lightened up by a golden light. I tried to think it true, but it was impossible. All I knew was that I had to see him.

When am I the most happy, with him or without him?

With him, without a doubt. But still, did I really love him?

I opened up my closet and pulled on a black loose shirt. I decided not to change my pyjamapants. Even though I knew it wouldn't make any change if I came five minuts later I just needed to do this right now. I had no idea what to say when I saw him, I just needed to see him. Even though I wasn't sure I loved him, I could not see true the fact that no one had ever made me as happy as he had. I should stop pretending, like Harry had told me a month earlier. As I as quiet as I could listed downstairs I thought about the time we hadn't been together. I hadn't seen his face for 4 month. That was litterly crazy.

"Athelia?", a raspy voice whispered through the darkness in the big hall as I was pulling on my shoes. I looked up bite and my lip.

"Where you going?", Dorthya asked stepping closer to me. She was in a t-shirt and jogginpants. Her face looked like half of her was still asleep. Her eyes were only half opened and she was walking slowly like a zombie.

"I'm sorry, did I wake you?", I said in a low voice. She shook her head, even though I knew I probably did.

"You okay?". She was treating me so sweet, she always had. And not once had I been treating her the way she deserved. A slight feeling of quilt was growing in my heart as I watched the tired lady who had always been there for me. I licked my dry lips, and sighed.

"I need to do something", I smiled.


I coughed a bit and wrinkeled my eyebrows. How did she know?

"I see you been sad, you miss him. Can I tell you thing miss?". I nodded slowly.

"That boy changed you into better person", she whispered like it was a secret. Her words hit me. I knew he had. That was the reason I was going out to find him. He made me a better person.

"I know", I sighed in a low raspy voice while smiling slightly. Slowly I sat down at the bottom of the stairs looking empty out in the air. She sat down at the chair in the hallway two meters from me.

"How did it happen? Why you not happy no more miss?".

"It's really complicated, but long story short I'm really afraid of anything I don't know and this... that... I mean, it was scary", I tried to explain and could clearly hear it made no sence if you did not know the  whole story. But still it seemed like Dorthya undertood me, either way she nodded.

"Love can be scary", she agreed.

"I just haven't really realized how much I miss him until now..", I whispered with a shaking hoarse voice. My bottom lip was trembeling and I felt the tears burning in my eye threatening to come out.

"You have miss him a lot, I could see the whole time", she said.

"I really do miss him", I whispered and my eyes wathered.

"And now when I know I might be facing him in a matter of minuts I'm starting to think.... what if he don't want me to come? What if he's over me?", I said and the thought scared me and made a sadness take over my whole body. Then a salty tear escaped my eye and streamed down my left cheek.

"I mean it's been 4 months, he might not feel the same anymore?". Another tear escaped my eye and then another and without carrying Dorthya was seeing it, silent tears were streaming down my face.

"Isn't it better to know miss? What if he still loves you?".

"I can't bare getting rejected.. Dorthya", I said turning my face to her and looking her into the eyes. "What if he's over me?". Saying those words made everything inside of me trembel and I felt like my body was threatening to explode.

"I think you should go", Dorthya said and reached her hand out for me. She stroke my tears away with her thumbs.

"I knew that somewhere inside of that pretty girl, tears were living too", she said.

For a while she just sat there with her arm around me in silence. "I was so lonley before I met him, and suddently I felt what it was like to be happy. And now... the lonleyness is killing me again".

"You will have me no matter what", she whispered stroking my hair carefully.

"Thankyou", I said looking up at her. "Dorthya I know I've never really appreaciated you the way I should, but you mean the world to me". She just smiled at me.

"You should go now, find him". She was right. Slowly I got up from the stairs and swung my grey kashmir caridgan around me before I opened up the door to the black and silent night.

"Thankyou", I sat before leaving.


No one's P.O.V

And then the beautiful slight curly haired darkblonde girl stormed out in the dark night to go find him. Wearing only a thin cardigan and pyjamaspants she got herself af taxi and told him Niall's adress. With a raising heartbat and trembeling hands she sad there in the cab not having any clue that she was about to go visit an empty apartment. Not having any clue that the person she was searching for was far away in a whole other country. Not having any other clue where else to look for him. Not having any clue that the boy she had been missing for months and finnaly was about to see again was in the middle of doing exactly what she was afraid of. Leaving her behind.

Yes, he might be trying to leve her behind. But will he succeed?




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