A girl on the edge. Running. Running for her life. Running for her freedom. Can she escape the shackles of society to truly be wild?


4. Trapped

The next day dawns, dismal and dull as always. I am awake and working, the chains still rattling behind me, ferrying equipment back and forth between caravans. Today is Carnival day, where travellers tour the camps, watching the shows and trading.

But not just food and clothes. They trade us, too. Any worker who catches their eye, or a worker who has caused too much trouble at one particular camp, they are moved on. Sold to the highest bidder. This is why being beautiful is bad. You attract attention. With my porcelain skin, emerald eyes and long, ebony hair, I am considered a 'fine catch', as I heard one bidder say. The only thing about me that no one wants is my spirit.

For I am trouble. I long to be free, to roam wild. And i'm not afraid to try and break away. That is why they brought the chains in.

Before my escapade, the workers were trusted. Trusted not to run, not to hide, not to flee. For there is nothing in the wilderness that surrounds us. Even if someone wanted to escape, they would die before they had gone a day. Wild beasts and feral animals roam the woods and forests and there is little or no food. So no one tried.

But I ended that. I ended it, with my wild ways and spirited thoughts.

I used to have some friends. They would help if my burden was too heavy, if my wounds from the many lashings were too draining. And in return I would help them.

But I was the one who trapped them, who forced them to wear the dreaded chains. Before, we were allowed to go wherever we wanted, as long as we had finished work and returned before sunset. Now, we have one hour, on the day after the Carnivals, when we can explore. When we are no longer prisoners. When we can be free.

So now, I am hated. Loathed. I am no longer helped with the heavy burdens. I am no longer helped when my wounds weep scarlet blood.

I am no longer helped when I am cowed by the walls that keep me trapped.

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