Vampire Academy: Aftermath

This is going to be sort-of-novel-length fanfiction for 'Vampire Academy' by Richelle Mead. It's set after Last Sacrifice [I haven't read the spin-off books 'The Golden Lily', and 'The Indigo Spell' yet].
Rose Hathaway has everything she wants, her life is perfect-or is it? Nothing happens without consequences. I don't know if many people will have read VA, but... 'Write for yourself as much as for others', no? *Cover will be up shortly*


1. Prologue


People say I live my happily ever after. I disagree. I'm Rose Hathaway, guardian and best friend of the teenage Moroi Queen Vasilisa Dragomir-Lissa for short. I'm also the girlfriend of a tall, bad-ass russian god named Dimitri Belikov, guardian of Lord Christian Ozera. Sparky still hasn't got used to that title. But that's beside the point. The point is that while Jill Mastrano Dragomir (Lissa's half-sister that we-Dimitri and I-brought back to court in the summer) is in hiding, everyone seems to think we're living in peaceful luxury, apart from the occasional riot. Right? Wrong.


My first issue is Lissa and Christian. She's always stressing, and I spend half of my time on the royal guard trying to get her to relax. That's why I'm lucky to have so much back up; just in case strigoi attack while I'm trying to talk her into having a massage in a visit back to court. So, you're probably wondering how Christian's part of the problem. He's spending his days back at court, running some kind of offensive magic club; one that goes on every day, so he rarely emails Liss. Unfortunately for me, I'm the one that gets the brunt of her anxiety. The joys of being a guardian.


The second problem I have is a little more deep-set. Remember what I said back in my senior year about Dhampir-Dhampir relationships being frowned upon by Moroi society? Then you must remember that I'm now in one with Dimitri. Nobody knows we were together at the academy except a handful of people; Lissa, Christian, Adrian... Adrian Ivashkov. He's another problem. Apart from the fact that most people are just waiting for me to do something stupid with Dimitri, I've still not managed to find the time, or the courage, to apologize to him. I can senselessly kill in a strigoi attack but not face my ex. Great.

And if I didn't have enough to juggle, my parents are stirring things up. And when I say 'things' I mean Dimitri. God only knows what'll happen to him on that hunting trip...

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