Vampire Academy: Aftermath

This is going to be sort-of-novel-length fanfiction for 'Vampire Academy' by Richelle Mead. It's set after Last Sacrifice [I haven't read the spin-off books 'The Golden Lily', and 'The Indigo Spell' yet].
Rose Hathaway has everything she wants, her life is perfect-or is it? Nothing happens without consequences. I don't know if many people will have read VA, but... 'Write for yourself as much as for others', no? *Cover will be up shortly*


8. Chapter 7


Like I said, I could run away. But I'd have to be careful, and fake. I didn't like to lie to Dimitri, and he could usually see through me anyway, but I has to in this case. If I wanted the guards to let me within five miles of getting out the gates then he had to be convinced I was of sound mind right up until I left. So I wiped all the emotion from my face and replaced it with a thick layer of my 'apology' face. I stalked back inside, earning guilty looks from both guardians at the door as they saw who had heard their conversation only minutes ago. I walked up to our apartment and tried the door. Unlocked. I pushed it open and stepped inside, closing it neatly behind me.

"Dimitri?" I called in the calmest voice I could muster.


"Listen, Dimitri, I didn't mean what I said before. It's just they're my only family know..." I trailed off. He turned in his position on the bed and considered me for a second, before nodding and smiling.

"Don't worry about it, come here," he said. He patted the bed beside him, and I sincerely hoped he was convinced by my 'they're all I've got' act. I curled up beside him and he wrapped an arm around my waist, pulling me to him. "So, does this mean you'll stop working those ridiculously long shifts and sleep longer? At the minute you've only been having three hours of sleep a day. Even a dhampir can't survive on that little for long, and you know it."


And that's where lying to Dimitri got a little more difficult. He wanted sacrifices. Great. So I cut my twenty-one hour working day, down to a twelve hour working day. Except, only I knew that it was really only eight hours-and three hours sneaking into the archives each Moroi afternoon when Mikhail Tanner was on duty-he insisted on the favour for bringing back Sonya Karp, a former Moroi-turned-Strigoi, for him-and gathering as much information on the attack as possible. Which direction did they come from, how did they get in? The East gate near the mountains. Were they armed? No. Where did they leave? That was a bit more difficult. The footage I had been examining for the past three visits was what the experts like to call 'inconclusive', and what I like to call 'absolutely useless'. It was from the wrong angle. I sighed in frustration and flopped back in my seat.

"Problem?" Mikhail asked, looking over my shoulder at the papers spread out on the desk and the exhaustingly repeated CCTV footage.

"Yeah. The angle this stuff is shot at won't let me see which way those idiots got out."

"Well, if you..." he trailed off and reached over. He tapped something into the keyboard of the computer and watched as the footage zoomed in to the area he'd pinpointed. "There you go. Repeat it," he moved out of my way a little as I pressed the repeat button, watching as nothing but the blank scenery showed itself on the screen.

"There's nothing-" I began, but then it caught my eye. Little figures marching into a small hole in the mountain and more still coming out the other side. So that was the path to their 'hideout'. "Thanks..."

"No problem," Mikhail nodded and trudged back over to the door.


I shut down the equipment and gathered my papers, making my way quietly out into the corridor. And I ran straight into six feet seven inches of Dhampir man. And guess who it was? Yep, you guessed it, all that russian badass god-ness called Dimitri Belikov.

"Rose? What are you doing down here?" he asked, stepping back a little so we weren't pressed together like two slices of bread in a sandwich.

"Oh, just helping Mikhail with something," I blurted out. Well, it was partially the truth; he thought he had a debt to me and I was helping get rid of that thought. But somehow, even though it was closer to honesty than the previous lie, this one seemed less believable. His brow creased and he didn't say anything until someone tried to squeeze past us in the corridor and Dimitri pulled me to the side and waited as they passed. When they were out of earshot, he nodded and gestured in front of him towards the exit. I plastered on a smile and complied trapsing up the steps and out into the Moroi evening.


"So, what's that?" Dimitri asked, pointing to the folder.

"The stuff I was helping him with," I replied. He gave me an impatient look. "It's some graduate files he wants me to order, that's all, and I said I could keep them with me so they don't get lost in the piles of other papers."

"I see," he said, seeming to accept it. "I'm going to cook dinner, I'll see you soon."

"See you soon!" I smiled and waved as he retreated into the distant, back towards our apartment. "Or not," I added quietly when he was gone. I had to leave tonight, and the next stop was the armoury.


Two guards stood at either side of the armoury doors, and I needed to get past all of them. Which would get me in the least trouble-lying or beating them up? Lying. I could pass that off as required, but knocking your fellow protectors unconscious wasn't usually socially-or officially-acceptable among guardians. I walked up to the first one on the left side of the door and put on a serious face.

"Yes?" he asked, looking piercingly into my eyes as his colleagues scanned the area.

"I'm Guardian Hathaway and I need to borrow a gun for training with some other Guardians."

"Which guardians?" he raised an eyebrow.

"Some graduates, I don't know their names."

"Mhm... Go in but only take one, you understand?" he said, sweeping his condescending gaze over me once more before opening the door and allowing me inside. I allowed him to close the door and took a gun from its rack. I ran a hand along it and nodded my approval. Goodbye Court, hello Strigoi prison.

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