Vampire Academy: Aftermath

This is going to be sort-of-novel-length fanfiction for 'Vampire Academy' by Richelle Mead. It's set after Last Sacrifice [I haven't read the spin-off books 'The Golden Lily', and 'The Indigo Spell' yet].
Rose Hathaway has everything she wants, her life is perfect-or is it? Nothing happens without consequences. I don't know if many people will have read VA, but... 'Write for yourself as much as for others', no? *Cover will be up shortly*


5. Chapter 4


Hell must've been listening when I ranted about wanting to attack Strigoi and wipe them out, because someone with a malevolent sense of humour decided to make my wish come true. Even the attacks on the Badicas, Drozdovs, and the academy had at least a few days in between them. But this...two attacks in one day?! Something was wrong.

"Where?" was Dimitri's first question as he shifted into his fighting stance, a look of stone set in his eyes.

"Five minutes from the wards, and they have humans with them," Hans responded. The same adrenaline that was already pumping through the veins of the guardians surrounding us rose in me. The first thing I noticed was the music; it had stopped, replaced by screams and yells and the futile attempts of the other guardians to keep the entire population of Court calm.

"How many are there?" I asked. I clutched my stake in one hand and balled the other up into a fist. I'd fight with pure manpower if I had to. That was usually the case in most strigoi fights. You would punch, kick, and dodge until you were given an opening, then you'd stake your opponent. A whole lot more difficult that it sounds...

"More than thirty, we know that for sure. It's a wonder they can co-operate in groups this large..." Hans shook his head and turned to the guardians that stood in our area. Strigoi were even worse than royal Moroi at keeping the peace. They had fights over willpower that were purely savage, and, from what I saw during my time in Russia, they were always looking to get one up on each other.

" get into battle positions and fight!" Hans finished barking out his orders as I tuned back into what was happening.

"Fight?" asked one of the younger guardians. He obviously liked the idea of being a sitting duck while the strigoi plotting another attack against us.

"Yes, son, fight! Go!" Hans yelled, leaving no room for argument. As they jogged off into the distance, he turned to us. "I've assigned two guardians to every safety room and rest are fighting on the front courtyard. Go and find your charges. Quickly."

"Yes Sir," Dimitri nodded firmly, his jaw clenched, and grabbed my arm, pulling me toward the Queen's chambers.


I raced through the corridors, eyes sweeping every nook and cranny for that frighteningly white complexion and red glow. It was light-how could strigoi attack? Why did humans have to help them? How many more than thirty were there? I couldn't answer any of these questions. Not entirely. And I certainly couldn't answer the one that sprung to mind next: why didn't Lissa tell me about the sighting? I mean, people don't just get news like that a the drop of a hat. It'd take some time for the news to get back, then more time to anaylse the authenticity and information, and even more still to get the word around the front of Court before it reached the back, which was where we'd been. We'd only set off from Lissa's a minute or two before Hans came running up to us, and, although Guardians have to work quick, it's not possible to work that quick.

I hammered my fist against Lissa's door, sweeping the corridor with my eyes as I desperately shifted on the spot.

Please answer, please answer, please answer, I chanted inside my head. I wished I had the bond again. The door opened seconds later.

"Rose? Dimitri? What's wrong?" Lissa asked. Her eyes darted from me to Dimitri with confusion.

She's alright, sighed a relieved voice at the back of my mind.

"Liss, there are strigoi attacking Court. Loads of them. We've got to get you to one of the safety rooms now."

"Wait," she said, face suddenly frantic, and turned around. "Christian! We have to go!"

"Lissa, what the-" he began, stumbling out of their bedroom sleepily. "Liss, babe, what's wrong? Why are you shouting?" he asked, examining our expressions.

"Strigoi. We have to-" I began, only to be cut off by him.

"Yeah, yeah, I know the drill," he hissed and followed us outside.


I lead Lissa and Christian through the corridors, heart thundering against my ribcage so loud I wondered if out attackers couldn't hear it from down below. Dimitri brought up the rear in silent vigilance. Between us, Lissa snuggled close to Christian, but unlike her, keeping close to him because she knew she had no defense other than us, not even magic, he kept one hand free. Christian and I had taken out quite a few strigoi in an attack on St. Vladimir's Academy during out field experience, and he didn't seem afraid to attempt it again. Especially now we had Dimitri to guard Lissa and fight at the same time. I pushed open the door of the building, stepping out. Clawing violently, I felt the hands of the strigoi ambush me before I saw it. All of a sudden, its head was alight and I was shoving my stake up into its heart. I gave Christian a meaningful glance, one that said a hundred words at once, and he nodded. He understood.


We fought our way through to the nearest safety room with similar tactics; set them on fire, then stake them. Dimitri made sure Lissa was safely locked inside and darted off. I watched him go with a flare of worry then turned to Christian as he began to walk away.

"Lord Ozera, where are you go-"

"To fight," he told them firmly. You could tell he meant it. It wasn't just some silly teenage aspiration or a child's wish of vengeance. It was a man's bid to fight for his people. And that's what he'd do. So we left, joining the crowded fight on the front courtyard.


There were much more than thirty strigoi. And that wasn't counting the trail of bodies we'd left on our way to the safety room and the piles of them here. They were everywhere, raging and clawing, grating their fangs together and sneering in people's faces. The stench of blood and the grunts and screams of people surrounding us filled the air as we started at the edge of the crowd, and burnt and staked our way along the perimeter. Barely anyone cared what the source of the help was. They were grateful for it, but those who did see turned to us with shocked faces before they engaged another opponent. I'm not saying we didn't get our fair share of beatings, though. A strong punch had been delivered to my jaw and my lip had been cut. My arms were scratched deeply and my body as a whole was bound to be covered in bruises the next day. Christian's timing had begun to slow-he was obviously weakening. He brushed it off and pressed onward, his stance telling everyone within sight range that he wouldn't back down until he either collapsed, or every strigoi in Court lay decapitated, staked, or incinerated on the ground.


We were down to what I estimated to be about ten strigoi-it's not easy to count things that move at nearly the speed of light. Guardians had slipped off the scene to double protection, pick off the dozen-or-so strigoi that had broken through our defenses, or to get medical attention. Unknowingly, we'd made ourselves out numbered. Three guardians and a fire using Moroi versus about ten strigoi? Nah, not a good match from our side.

"Christian! Rose!" came a voice from behind us. No. She didn't...

"Lissa!" Christian yelled, almost angry, as he tried-and failed-to set the strigoi advancing on us on fire. "Go. Back!"

"How did you get out?" I asked, battling distractedly, earning me a gash at my waist.

"I compelled the-"

"Damnit, Liss! Just get back in there now!" I hissed. She hesitated, and that was more than enough to make me repeat my instructions. "Go!"

Don't hesitate, I repeated in my head, remembering all the times I had heard it in my life, how very important it was to not hesitate, and how I had come to truly understand that. She nodded weakly but before she could do anything more, a blast of heat and light erupted before us. I turned and stared at it-a solid wall of fire. The tendrils of bright orange flame curled around each other, locking into place and holding tight against the wall of strigoi. It smouldered and crackled, making beads of sweat form on our foreheads. Existing for only a few more brief moments, it flickered and died. Lissa rushed forward and threw her arms around Christian.

"You did it!" she cried. And he promptly fell limp in her arms.

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