Vampire Academy: Aftermath

This is going to be sort-of-novel-length fanfiction for 'Vampire Academy' by Richelle Mead. It's set after Last Sacrifice [I haven't read the spin-off books 'The Golden Lily', and 'The Indigo Spell' yet].
Rose Hathaway has everything she wants, her life is perfect-or is it? Nothing happens without consequences. I don't know if many people will have read VA, but... 'Write for yourself as much as for others', no? *Cover will be up shortly*


13. Chapter 12


A week passed and, surprisingly, no one said a word about a punishment of any sort for running away, or even a lecture. Normally I'd be relieved that Lissa had gone and got me out of whatever trouble I was in, but this seemed different, like people were almost too distracted or pre-occupied by something to pay any attention to me. And it wasn't until now that I found out why.

"Roza, you need to get up. We're going somewhere," Dimitri whispered in my ear as he extracted himself from the covers. Images of him and me on a last minute holiday out of here invaded my minute, but I shook them off as I saw his rushed expression. I followed his example of quickly pulling on my guardian uniform and comandeered the ensuite bathroom, applying a thin layer of make up and sweeping my hair into a suitable bun.

"How do I look, Comrade?" I called to him, and did a quick twirl that-if you asked me-I would call a spin.

"Wonderful, as always. Are you ready? Lissa said we needed to be at the voting halls soon," he smiled at me.

"The voting halls? Why those?" I shot him a confused look. He held his hand up to stop me from saying anything further.

"You'll find out when we get there."


The voting halls were (naturally) large and (naturally) had a lot of seats. The stands were a mixture Moroi, off-duty Guardians, Court Dhampirs like Ambrose, and the royal Moroi that didn't own the family's title of 'Prince' or 'Princess'. And then there was the panel; Tarus, Voda, Lazar, Zeklos, Ivashkov, Conta, Szelsky, Ozera, Drozdov, Dashkov, Badica, and an empty seat where Jill would've been. If Lissa had still been a princess, Jill would've become 'Lady Mastrano Dragomir' or just 'Lady Dragomir' upon graduation, but Lissa was queen now, which meant her quorum, and only relative was a princess-and the only thing keeping her on the throne. So that made Jill the next target of Lissa's enemies. Once the quorum law was out of the way, and there were more Dragomirs, neither would be at risk, but right now, that wasn't the case.

"Rose!" Lissa shouted to me, rushing over just as I was about to slip into formation with the rest of the guardians. "You're here."

"Liss, I thought you said you weren't going to be able to abolish that quorum law for a whi-"

"No, no, that's not it. This is about the laws for offensive magic. Apparently it's easier to add new ones than it is to get rid of them," she replied, as she gave me a bright smile. "I think I've won most of the families over. I just hope it's enough..."

"Don't worry, it will be," I patted her shoulder quickly and left to join the other guardians.


"All those for the new law, please raise your hands," Lissa said. Some sarcastic part of me got the clever idea to raise mine but my responsible part pushed it back. Lissa didn't need me making her look back every time she got me out of trouble. The Ozera prince and the newly crowned Badica princess were the first to raise their hands.

Of course they would, I thought. Christian's family control fire and the Badicas must be tired of slowly getting killed, and, as if agreeing with my reasoning, the Moroi representing the Drozdov line raised their hand. Another attack victim. Lazar and Tarus soon followed-the former wanted rules in place to stop things like Avery happening, and the latter had relatives trained by Queen Tatiana, before Tasha Ozera murdered her, even if one of them (Daniella) was in prison. I grimaced at the thought of her but pushed her out of my mind just in time to see the Ivashkov representative join the supporting side. I guessed good things could come out of bad happenings. Like high treason. By suggesting the law be made, Lissa automatically supported it, and as the only Dragomir there, she had to take Jill's position. So that meant Dragomir, Ozera, Badica, Drozdov, Lazar, Tarus, and Ivashkov were all on the same side. Seven out of twelve. I saw a huge grin spread over Lissa's face.



The party afterwards wasn't what I expected it to be. I expected it to be a gigantic royal function with snooty people in suits and ball gowns and dozens of guardians trailing around silently after their Moroi. But it wasn't. Our group consisted of me, Lissa, Dimitri, Christian, my parents, Eddie, Mia, Sonya, Mikhail, and a few other Moroi and old school friends.


Lissa had asked Ambrose if he would join us, and he set up his own little salon-spa-sort-of-thing in the corner. Most of the Moroi were drinking merrily and making jokes, with their guardians joining in, but keeping their systems clear of alcohol. Mostly. It was safe, really, and the official party wasn't until two days later, so nobody had to worry about hangovers. They had several days off that I liked to say were the equivalent of bank holidays. There was karaoke as well. Or, rather, there was a karaoke machine that Abe smuggled into the room and Christian snatched from him. The two looked about ready to set each other on fire just over who got to sing first, and normally I should've intervened, especially in light of my responsibility to my old man and my charge's boyfriend, but they couldn't do any real harm and it was sort of amusing.


After a few rounds of songs, mostly part of some extreme competition between Abe and Christian, Christian pushed Abe off the stage and took his turn.

"Alright, listen up everybody, I have an announcement to make!" Christian voiced through the microphone.

"You just made one, Sparky! Step off the stage so some real singers can get up there!" I called back, earning a wave of giggles and chuckles from both the Moroi and the Dhampirs in the room.

"Shut up, Rosie. Can I have Lissa Dragomir stand just in front of the stage, please?" he said, still speaking into the mic. Lissa looked up from the drink she was currently trying to find the nerve to drink (her and some other Moroi were playing Truth or Dare, I always thought Lissa was a bit too...nice...for that game), and sent Christian a grateful glance as she put the glass down and walked across to our makeshift stage in the empty flat we were using. Just as she stopped in front of him, music started, and he launched into a very familiar Bruno Mars song; 'Marry You'. She gasped in all the right places, and even more so when he pulled out a black velvet box and opened the lid.


It was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen-the event and the ring. Of course, she would accept. And that she did. The two embraced and kissed.

"Get a room!" I jibed. They broke apart and laughed.

"We already have one, Rose," Christian smirked. Lissa ran out of his arms and into mine, practically throwing herself at me.

"Rose, this is amazing! You have to help me plan! Please?" she asked excitedly. I smiled as joy leapt around inside me.

"Sure, I'd love to," I replied, but I couldn't help feeling a tiny twinge of jealousy underneath that joy.

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