Vampire Academy: Aftermath

This is going to be sort-of-novel-length fanfiction for 'Vampire Academy' by Richelle Mead. It's set after Last Sacrifice [I haven't read the spin-off books 'The Golden Lily', and 'The Indigo Spell' yet].
Rose Hathaway has everything she wants, her life is perfect-or is it? Nothing happens without consequences. I don't know if many people will have read VA, but... 'Write for yourself as much as for others', no? *Cover will be up shortly*


12. Chapter 11


I wasn't terrified. Terrified is when you're standing in a place where Strigoi were. I was petrified. When the Badica attack happened, even though I was miles from the Academy, I knew I could get back there and be (what I thought was) safe. This time there was no Academy to run to. No sunlight to hide behind, no wards to definitely keep Strigoi out-they had humans now. We were vulnerable, very vulnerable. Yes, the court had guardians, but if all the Strigoi in the world had this sunlight ability, we would never defeat. Not even with the addition of any willing fire-using Moroi. I exchanged worried glances with my mother as she leaned against her seat. The bite mark at her neck was still the crimson colour of fresh blood but the haze that ensued after being bitten seemed to have worn off for the most part. She seemed fine, if a little heavy-limbed and light-headed, but Abe kept casting guilty glances her way. Was it me that had made him feel like that? Was it that thought that was making me feel guilty now?


Hans got us inside the court's wards without a hitch, Moroi and Dhampirs alike piling out of the van and heading off to their accomadation. I eyed my mother suspiciously as Abe helped her down from the van, her hands slipped into his. I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned to its owner.

"Leave it, Rose. We should get patched up first," Dimitri said, and I knew exactly what he wanted me to 'leave'. I thought on it a moment then shrugged, allowing him to lead me away from the vehicle we had just left.

"Wait, you four," Hans told us in a somber tone as he handed the van's keys over to another guardian. He jogged over to us, not hiding his serious expression.

"What is it?" my mother asked. Her face turned just as dire as his as soon as she noticed.

"The Moroi are in uproar about all this offensive magic use-"

"Again?" I interjected. Hadn't my little speech been enough?

"Yes. Apparently they figured that if you were going to have any chance of getting out of there alive, there was going to be some offensive magic involved. It just goes against against their...beliefs, and, for some reason, they can't accept it just because it saves the lives of their people," he explained. "I need the four of you to help me calm them down, they're rioting and everything."


"We just got-"

"I'm not sure I-"

"No buts," he spoke over our voices. "They're in front of Queen Vasilisa's Chambers again."


The five of us stood in the parlour with the adjoining balcony that I'd spoken on before I left. I knew I'd have several questions to answer, and most likely a punishment that Lissa would try to get me out of, but right now the scariest thing was the screaming and yelling Moroi pressing against the barricaded door downstairs. Not that I wouldn't be able to beat some Moroi in a fight any day, but the simple volume of the masses scared the hell out of me. And this time the posters were bigger. Lissa and Christian had joined us, with Lissa cowering against Christian as he stared daggers at nothing and everything outside the building.

"So, any ideas?" Abe spoke up.

"I'm already changing some of their most ancient laws-how are they going to see reason on this one?" Lissa whimpered.

"Exactly," I said. Mum and Dimitri both raised an eyebrow at me. I would've found it freaky if it weren't for the situation we were in. "If you've changed something that old, this should be like a mole hole compared to that Mountain, right?"

"I don't know, Rose, I..." she shook her head and sighed. "I've taken away so many 'important' laws."

"Wait, you said you'd taken away laws?" Dimitri asked, as a thought crossed my mind.

"That's it!" all heads turned to me. "You do the opposite. Put some in. Make laws for offensive magic. You know, to stop people torturing and stuff. Like normal physical torture or murder."

"Rosie, I think that's one of your incredibly rare great ideas," Christian commented, with a smirk, nodding his approval. He looked at Lissa. "What do you say, Liss? Can you go out there and tell all those people that?"

"I...guess. But Rose, you're coming with me," she demanded as she made her way towards the door. I obediently closed the gap between us a few strides and pushed open the tinted glass doors.


"No offensive magic! No offensive magic!" chanted the crowds. Beside me, Lissa gulped. I quickly patted her hand in reassurance before I took up a protective stand by her side, ready to defend her from any attackers, but the only place anyone could really attack us from here was the roof, and that wasn't exactly the easiest place to start an ambush from.

"Silence!" Lissa commanded over the turmoil. Fortunately, that's exactly what she got. "Please! There's no need to behave like this! You're acting like animals. Offensive magic isn't a problem at the moment. Have either of the incidents since my coronation been harmful to Moroi or Dhampirs? This is very much like something else-stakes. You've never complained about those, yet one was used to kill my predecessor. They can be used for unneccessary murder and torture yet you allow them to exist and do good as well because there are laws in place to prosecute those who wrongly use them. Would you be happy if I made using offensive magic for those charges illegal?" Lissa's powerful voice radiated throughout Court, the eyes of the Moroi, royal and non-royal, fixated upon her face. This was why Lissa had to be queen. Because everyone agreed with her eventually. And at this moment, she wasn't even using compulsion.


As soon as the offensive magic issue was resolved, everyone split up. Even Hans left the room, which I found strange. Wasn't he going to lecture me about running away or something? And if not him, then maybe Mum or Abe? I turned to look at the only other person left beside me. Dimitri. I saw the look in his eyes and knew what was coming next.

"Why did you run away, Roza?" he asked, stepping closer and wrapping his arms around me.

"I couldn't leave them, and I knew those people doing the rescue mission would always be...over-cautious. They'd take too long. By then people might've died," I whispered into his shirt.

"But people had already died," he reminded me.

"I know, but I mean more. Things might've happened. I needed to go. I couldn't just sit around," I insisted, but still didn't move.

"What triggered it? If you were going to leave, you would've left sooner. You wouldn't have thrown yourself into work for a whole week."

"These two guardians were talking about me. Saying they were surprised I hadn't run away already. So then I thought, if it's expected, why can't I?" I said, looking up at him. He gritted his teeth, as if he'd like to give those two guardians a piece of his mind-and his fist. But his features softened when he gazed down at me.

"Roza, I can't say I truly understand, but I'll try my best. Just don't run away like that again. At least, not without me," he gave me a smile and turned towards the door. "Come on, let's go to the clinic." "You mean my second home?" I ask, smirking. He laughed.

God, I love that laugh.

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