Wish Apon A Star

After 19 year old Aly failed to get One Direction tickets for her and her freind Katey, Aly thought she was a screw up and failed at everything. One night she wishes on a shooting star to meet One Direction and be noitested.
Will her wish come true?
Or will she stay a screw up forever?


5. Wishes Don't Come True

Aly threw herself down on the couch, she put on a frown and crossed her arms. Kat laughed at her constantly. "Shut up, you don't understand!" Aly yelled. Kat patted her on the back and continued giggling.

"We ran around Paris so you could find five boys?" Kat cracked up laughing.

"They're are not just five boys! They are One Direction!" Aly stood up and walked into the kitchen to grab a glass of water.

"I don't see what the deal is about some boy band" Kat turned on the TV. Aly chocked on her glass of water and gasped.

"What? They are not just any boy band! They are the hottest, biggest, sexiest and most best band in the world!" Aly said. Kat giggled. Aly turned around and  headed into her room. Kat started to sing so she shut her door.

"One Direction give me an errection!" Kat sang. Aly blocked her ears from that noice. She threw herself on her bed and began to feel sad again. She looked into the night sky and saw a shooting star.

"I don't give a shit anymore. It's not like my wishes come true anyway, because I'm a fricken ugly failure" Aly yelled and tears started to bulid up in her eyes again.

Later during the night it started to spit with rain and become cold. "Aly come out of your room, your acting like a three year old" Kat banged on her door.

"I will. As long as you just stop singing that stupid song" Aly cried.

"Alright, I'll stop. I ordered pizza!" Kat sat on the couch. Aly came out of her room with messy hair and red eyes as red as a tomato. "You look like you've taken drugs or something" Kat giggled shoving a meatlovers slice down her mouth.

"In case you were wondering I was crying. But not like you care anyway" Aly grabbed a slice of pizza.

"Were you seriously crying about One Direction?" Kat giggled under her breath.

"It's not like that. Kate turned on me, I have no one, I didn't get One Direction tickets for the second time and wishes don't come true!" Aly threw her fork on the table. Kat was scilent for a few seconds.

"What do you mean wishes don't come true?" Kat questioned her.

"The night of graduation I saw a shooting star and I wished something" Aly calmed down and Kat comferted her.

"What did you wish for?" Kat stroked her hair to make her feel better.

"I wished that-" The power went off leaving the room dark and thunder filled the air.

"Shit! Now I'm going to miss Gossip Girl!" Kat cried.

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