Wish Apon A Star

After 19 year old Aly failed to get One Direction tickets for her and her freind Katey, Aly thought she was a screw up and failed at everything. One night she wishes on a shooting star to meet One Direction and be noitested.
Will her wish come true?
Or will she stay a screw up forever?


4. Paris

"Hurry up or we will miss the plane!" Kat said getting out of the car. Aly took a deap breathe looking out the front window, she thought it was busy at the airport for a Wednesday. She had finally disided to get out of the car at least and grab her bags.

As they entered the airport they walked up to the desk. Aly was thinking in her mind again about all the things that Katie had said behind her back. "Are you ok? You seem sad?" Kat said. Aly wasn't listening and was lost in her thoughts.


"Are you ok?" Kat placed her bag on the shelf. Aly nodded lightly though she was secretly lying. She was tossing and turning all of last night filled with bad and terrible nightmares.

Paris: Friday 12.20PM

Kat and Aly opened the door to their hotel room. "It's nice" Kat adjusted her head to take a deep look on the room.

The room was pretty desent, there were two double beds, a kitchen, bathroom and a wardrobe. "It's good enough for three days" Kat walked into the wardrobe and unzipped her bag. Aly sat on her bed and looked through a tour magazine. She turned the TV on to the news and saw One Direction. She turned to TV up and listened closey:

The teenage boy band One Direction have taken a break from their singing career and taken a trip to Paris for three days and were spotted at a nice resturant eating some nice food. Tune in tomorrow for some more gossip on the boys

Aly's eyes popped. She grabbed Kat's handbag and threw it at her. "God, ya right there?" She yelled.

"We're going for a walk, NOW!" Aly pulled Kat by the arms and ran into the hallway. They came outside and Aly looked to her left and right.

"What's the rush? Just calm down what are you looking for?" Kat followed Aly around the streets.

"Just trust me on this" Aly walked up to someone. "Bonjour, do you speak in English?" She asked. The person walked away in terror. Aly walked up to other people and asked. "DOES ANYBODY SPEAK IN ENGLISH?" She yelled.

"What do you need to find?" Kat said.

"Um...Mario's Pizzeria?" Aly said.

"It's this way" Kat smiled. Aly calmed down and wiped the sweat off her face. They continued to walk down the street.

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