Wish Apon A Star

After 19 year old Aly failed to get One Direction tickets for her and her freind Katey, Aly thought she was a screw up and failed at everything. One night she wishes on a shooting star to meet One Direction and be noitested.
Will her wish come true?
Or will she stay a screw up forever?


6. "I'll Be Right Back"

Paris Day 3: Getting On A Plane To England


"Seriously Aly if you don't hurry up we will the flight. We have seven minutes!" Kat ran out of the taxi. Aly followed behind her slowly carrying her bag. Kat ran into the airport and went to the front deak. Aly yawned and stumbled behind her. Aly became more and more depressed as each day went by thinking that she never wanted this holiday to end because she didn't want to go back to Australia were Katie lived.

"I think my hair will fall out" Aly said.

"Why?" Kat said putting her bag on the shelf.

"Stress. Depression" Aly yawned again. Kat rolled her eyes and grabbed her back. They continued walking to their gate. "I need to go to the toilet" Aly said.

"What? We have five minutes!" Kat said.

"I'll be right back, I only gotta pee. I'll meet you there" Kat continued to walk and Aly walked into the toilets. She went into one of the stalls and did her buisness. She did stuff around alot in the toilet playing Angry Birds but then realising she had a plane to catch. She flushed the toilet and tried to open the door but it was locked.

She tried turning and twisting the handle but couldn't get out. "Shit"

Kat was sitting on the plane waiting for Aly and hoping that she would make it.

"Ladies and Geltalmen welcome to this flight from Paris to England"

Kat stood up. "Um, can we wait a few more minutes? Um...my sister she's on her period?" Kat made up some lame excuse so they wouldn't go.

Aly climbed over the toilet stall to get out and looked at the time on her phone. "11!! Shit I'll miss my flight!" She ran out the toilets and ran down the hallways and tried to look for her gate. She finally made it thinking that she had missed it. Aly showed her ticket to the lady. She looked at it closey.

"Sorry, This flight just left. You've missed it"

"Oh no, no, no! I've missed it?" Aly said. The person nodded. Aly slapped her face thinking of what an idiot she was. Aly looked at the girls nametag. "Listen Sara, My sister is on that plane, I'm supposed to be going to England!" Aly cried.

"I'm sorry. There is only one other flight I can put you on but I can't because it's private" Sara said. 

"Please. I'm begging you, I think I'm going through depression right now and today is not my day. I feel like absolute crab and I've missed my flight and my sister is going to kill me if I don't get a plane" Aly said.

Sara said. "Please! I'll do anything!" Aly said. She sighed again.

"Anything?" Sara looked at Aly in the eye. Aly harshly nodded. "You can't tell anyone this! Not any of my workmates or my boss!" Sara yelled.

Aly smiled and sighed in relief. "Follow me" Sara said. Aly followed Sara down the hallway to Gate 56. "Go through this gate way and sit down. Don't do anything. Don't talk to anybody. And most of all, don't try and rape them" Sara walked away. Aly was confused, why would I try to rape them? She thought to herself.

She continued to walk into the gate and she came into a plane with about 12 seats. She threw her handbag on the seat and sat down. No one looked like they were here, she didn't know what Sara was talking about. Aly closed her eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep...... 

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