Wish Apon A Star

After 19 year old Aly failed to get One Direction tickets for her and her freind Katey, Aly thought she was a screw up and failed at everything. One night she wishes on a shooting star to meet One Direction and be noitested.
Will her wish come true?
Or will she stay a screw up forever?


2. Graduation

Aly grabbed her curler and grabbed a piece of her hair.

It had been two days since she didn't get the tickets and Katie still isn't talking to her. She continued to curl her hair and put some mascara on. She looked in the mirror and still saw failure, she tried once again not to cry otherwise she would ruin her eye liner and it was half an hour until she had to be at school for her graduation.

She had finally put up with six years of high school with absolutly no one and alone. She grabbed her foundation and tried to cover up some of her pimples. All through high school she had some insecurities and acne was one of them. She always thought that boys avoided her because of her face and she had always cried and cried every night about it.

Another one of her insecurities was having small boobs. She always thought that guys went for girls with big boobs and she had always been secretly jelious of Katie, because she had huge boobs.

Aly stood up and walked into the kitchen. All of what happened in high school didn't matter to her anymore, when she graduated she would become a new person. "You look beautiful Aly" Her mum said. She gave her mother a weak smile.


"Well, Another flock of my year 12s are graduaing and I'm proud of all of you. Please welcome our graduates"

Aly was waitng patiently for her name to be called so she could finally get out of this whore house. Aly stood next to Katie. "I thought I told you not to speak to me again" Katie said.

"I said I was sorry. But more can I do" Aly said.

"That was the second time you did it" Katie gave Aly the death stare.

"You're going to let a few One Direction tickets come between us? Five boys compaired to seven years of friendship" Aly said.

Katie Spencer. Katie heard her name called out and refusing to answer Aly she went up on stage and accepted her cetificete. Aly looked to her right and saw her mum, stepdad and step sister sitting in the aurdience. Her mum got remarried when she was seven because her dad had an affair with a younger woman and abondened them when they both needed him. Aly's mum met him at her high school reunion and clicked from when their eyes met.

Her step sister Kat and her never really got along and graduated a year ago. Aly heard her name called and went on stage.


The after party was terrible for Aly. Katie was hanging out with all the popular kids and left Aly alone. She looked around for someone to talk to, she walked up to a girl called Selena. "Hi" Aly smiled.

Selena looked at Aly. "Why are you talking to me?"

"I thought I would be nice?" Aly said. Selena rolled her eyes and walked away. Aly turned around and bumped into a guy with a drink in his hand spilling it all over her new dress. All everyone did was laugh. She stormed into the bathroom and looked in the mirror, she had a red stain on her cutch and it looked like she just had her period on her dress. She went into the toilet stall and grabbed some toilet paper to wash it off.

She heard some girls come in so she locked the door behind her. She looked into the crack of the door and saw Katie and two other girls. "So she didn't get One Direction tickets?" One of them said.

"No, because she's a ugly cow" Katie looked in the mirror and put lip gloss on.

"We have a spare One Direction ticket, you come with"

"I can't believe I was ever friends with her. She's still a virgin and has acne on her face, that's fricken disgusting!" Katie said. Aly couldn't believe her ears, all of there friendship was fake? Katie never really liked her?

They left the bathroom and she started to cry. Aly rang her mum to come and pick her up.

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