Wish Apon A Star

After 19 year old Aly failed to get One Direction tickets for her and her freind Katey, Aly thought she was a screw up and failed at everything. One night she wishes on a shooting star to meet One Direction and be noitested.
Will her wish come true?
Or will she stay a screw up forever?



Aly Agron, a typical 18 year old girl was in her warm bed dreaming about the one thing girls want.

One Direction.

Aly's friend Katie stormed into her house and went up the stairs by three's. She walked into Aly's room and saw she was still asleep. "Wake up! The tickets went on sale five minutes ago!" She screamed in Aly's ear.

Aly scretched and sighed. "What time is it?"

"It's fricken ten o'clock!" Katie threw a pillow at her face.

"Gee, grumpy? It's Saturday!" Aly yelled and pulled the covers over her head.

"Aly, the One Direction tickets went on sale five minutes ago!" Katie yelled. Aly's eyes popped, she looked at Katie's face. "Get your ass downstairs and on your laptop!". Aly ran downstairs into the kitchen and lifted the lid on her laptop.

She got up to ticketek home page and searched up One Direction. "You said you were going to set your alarm!" Katie said.

"Brisbane and Perth are sold out" Aly said. Katie bit her nails while staring bug-eyed at the computer screen. Aly filled in her details and clicked 'Buy tickets'

"Shit, it redirected me to the home page" Aly yelled.

"Aly, now Sydney is sold out. GET ME THOSE TICKETS!"

Aly bit her lip and wiped the sweat off her face. She typed on the keyboard as fast as she could trying to get two tickets the Melbourne. "Katie, I'm sorry, They're sold out" Aly looked at her shoes.

"Don't bother, I trusted you to get these. You let me down twice, your a fricken failure. Can't you do anything right?" Katie slammed the front door. Aly could feel tears buliding up in her eyes ready to fall down on her dry skin. Aly's mum came downstairs.

"What's all the screaming about?"

"I just let my bestfriend down, for the second time. She's never going to talk to me again" Aly said. Aly's mum gave her a hug and kissed her on the head. Aly walked upstairs into her room and looked at herself in the mirror. She starred at her long brown hair and blue eyes. Katie was right, she was a failure and she felt terrible.

She got into her shower and felt the warm water on her skin. It felt good to be able to gather her thoughts, Aly never really has any friends in high school and she had just lost Katie. Katie was her only friend and she had no one, not even a boy to share her life with.

She got changed into some clothes and went downstairs. "Didn't you get those One Direction tickets?" Her Mum said.

"No, I'm such an idiot. I'm a fricken failure just like Katie said. Everything is wrong with me!" Aly ran back upstairs and bawled her eyes out on her pillow. Her tears ran down her face and wanted to stay in her room all day.  

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