The End's Cold Embrace

Inspired by the game, Metro 2033.
Probably not going to be my best work :/
Hope you enjoy =)


1. The End's Cold Embrace

The bones of a once great city, inhabited now only by monsters, real and phantom.

Stumbling through the by-product of mankind’s most devastating weapon.

I wonder to myself `If the men could see what their beloved creation has done to this world, I wonder if they would say the effort was worth it? `

Men of science that likely started off with an honest interest in the workings of the world we live in; their single greatest legacy will be the thing that destroyed it…

Each breath catches in the air as a faint, white mist and the cold air stings my keen eyes.

Eyes that constantly scan the space in front of me for any sign of them…those that would kill me,

Those that would rob me and those that would torture me, calling it sport to abuse their fellow man.

The Apocalypse really only changed two things: the weather and the existence of new species.

While it wiped out almost 75% of the Earth’s population, it unfortunately did nothing to change our nature- except maybe to make us more volatile to one another.

One would think in such times, everyone would make the wise decision and help each other to live, not hasten each other to the grave…

My thoughts are interrupted by the sound of crunching snow behind me and I whirl around, point my gun at the source of the sound, instantly freezing as my eyes meet the gaze of Death incarnate.

Pitch black orbs pierce my very soul from the sockets of a demonic face, blood-stained teeth glistening in the light of the sun, white mist emitting from the maw as the creature exhaled with a slight growl.

Muscles lock, eyes dare not look away and I will my body to stay as still as possible and I try to breathe as steadily and quietly as I can.

The creature slowly rears up on its hind legs and sniffs at the air before thumping back down onto all fours, growling at me more vocally than before- the look of hunger and blood thirst ever present in its black gaze.

Suddenly its breath is upon my face as the demon thrusts forward as if to test my resolve; still I do not move and maintain the eye contact.

It moves around to my rear and it is now that I begin to panic for I cannot see Death, cannot prepare for Death. But still I remain frozen…

Ice shoots through my spine.

My rifle falls from my now limp fingers, landing silently in the snow.

The breath catches in my throat as agony overrides everything and I feel warmth in my chest and back…

Looking down I see the talon of Death emerging from my coat coated with red.

A laboured breath escapes my mouth as I slump to the cold ground, teary eyes soaking in the view of this once great city…Moscow…

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