Never Know (1D Fanfic)

It all started when I was late for a work meeting to covering myself and and a stranger in coffee.... A trip home that wouldn't leave me the same person; all with a dash of drama! All while working for One Direction!


8. Zayn Ana, Ana Zayn


It’s been a week from the question I thought he wouldn’t ask me “Would you go on a date with me” I was a Tuesday night about five. With outfits all around me, I have no clue what to ware. Should I go simple but cute or a bit crazy; or a mix of both; so I do what I always do when I can’t pick my outfit. I let fate pick for me; I close my eyes, spin once and then pick up the first few that I feel. As I opened my eyes I see my light green skinny jeans with my black sparkly tank-top. I roll up my jeans so they are about three inches under my knee. I curl my hair, red my lips grab my shoes and bag and head to the living room. Ana has been starting to hang out here more and more but has not yet meet Zayn. We have been best friends from seventh grade. So she knows everything about me. And know I don’t fall for guys that often; so when I do she wants to know everything.

“Wow, look at you!” said Ana walking over to me.

“Really?” I said spinning quickly “You don’t think it’s too much” I ask her.

“It’s just right.” She smiled at me.

She had the time going and I look to see a new piece about how One Direction had lots but they won the harts of millions around the world. I couldn’t help but smile. They then showed a group photo of the boys. My eyes went start to Zayn’s face, he had a hint of a small smile. Next the lady said something about a photo shot that they we’re doing next week and fans could win I signed copy if then are the lucky caller into there news radio.

“So where are you going” Ana said pulling me out from my thoughts.

“Dinner, I guess, I’m not really sure” I said looking at my phone. There was a Text from Niall. Out of all the guys, other then Zayn, Niall and I are coming a closer. He reminds me of my best guy friend who move to London, he followed Lola there. She was a model from England, when she when back home he went with her. At first we talked all the time, video calls, text, twitter. But then life started for him other there, now I only hear from him maybe three times a year.

The text read:

“Zayn just left, he’s a little nervous so go easy on him. – Niall”

I texted back:

“Oh you know I won’t.” I put then I put “I will be super sweet.”

I sat on the couch and waited for Zayn. It was a little after six when there was a knock on the door. Ana jumped up and ran to the door fly it open. Man, Ana just don’t say anything studied.

“Hi, is Abbey here?”

“Yeah!” I said getting off the couch and walking to the door. But be for could walk out Ana stuck her hand up, blocking me from the door. Great and here comes the embarrassment.

“So” Ana said looking at Zayn “You’re the guy taking my Abbey out”

Zayn did not know what was going on. So he just moved his head up and down. Ana started hard at him, like how a father would.

“Ok!” she said shrugging her shoulders. An awkwardness silences now filled the air.

“Zayn, Ana my roommate. Ana, Zayn my date for tonight.”

They both said there hellos and then goodbyes as Zayn and I left. As soon as we stepped out side I said.

“I’m so sorry for how Ana was.”

“Its fine, I was just taking aback”

“Yeah she can come on a little strong.”

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