Never Know (1D Fanfic)

It all started when I was late for a work meeting to covering myself and and a stranger in coffee.... A trip home that wouldn't leave me the same person; all with a dash of drama! All while working for One Direction!


6. Unsure

Someone was tapping me. "Abbey, Abbey" I could hear someone call me over and over. I sat up realizing I had fallen asleep on the couch. Zayn! I looked around but there was no trace of him. "Who’s Zayn?" asked my roommate Ana "oh, he's... A guy." I said getting up not wanting her to see me blush. "Wait how do you know Zayn?" "because I saw in taking stuff" I turned around not believing what she was saying "he...what?" She started laughing and holds up a piece of paper. Walking off I rip the piece of paper from her hands. I could believe her. I went to my room, slammed the door shut and began reading my letter.   Dear Abbey,         Sorry for leaving but you had fallen asleep; I couldn't wake you. Hope you slept well.     Text me,     Zayn   Next to his name was a little smiley face. I heard a knock on my door. Knowing it was Ana she walked in. "hey girl" "hey" "what's up?" knowing she meet with me and Zayn "I don't know" I said sitting down on my bed. Flopping back I said "I spilt coffee all over him, was late for his meeting, got a job working with his band, he asked me out, I feel asleep on him..." "I'm not leavening you alone for three days again." "we have hardly talked" I said as this fact hits me. "Maybe you guys are just shy around each others?" "thanks for trying to make me feel better but... I just don't know" "Go on the date. What do you have to loss?" "Nothing I guess, I mean I think I like him" "well then I guess we better find you something to wear!" I couldn't help but smile. With that I texted Zayn. "Good morning, sorry I feel asleep last night." I hit send. It's a bit cheesy but I don't care. As I get ready for the day; all I have is one meeting today. My ringtone of Hot Chelle Rae goes off reading "new text from Zayn" it reads: "I didn't mind, you’re cute when you sleep. What’s your plan for today?" Text back: "Thank you. I have a meeting at two & need to get my passport. You?" Zayn's text: "Hoping to have lunch with really beautiful girl today, what do you say to lunch?" I giggled. He has a way with words. Text back: "I would love to have lunch, let's say one?" Zayn's Text: "See you then sweeties." I text him back say it sounds great. Rereading the word "sweeties", I smiled to myself. As I was feeling out paper to get my new passport there was only one thing on my mind, Zayn. A part of me wants to run. But then something keeps me from running. My new phone goes off. "Hello Abbey speaking" "Hi, it's Niall" "hi" not sure why he's calling "so I'm getting to the point" he said "did Zayn spend the night" What! I have no cute what to say. Did he tell him that? Or was he just trying to get something out of me? What should I say? "Have you asked Zayn this?" Ok that seemed like a good things to say.  "I was jus wondering, it seemed like he likes you and you might like him..." he stopped there not want to push his limits. "Are you alone?" I ask "Yeah" "Are you just asking for yourself?" "Yeah, he's my mate" I love how these guys are so close. "He did ask me out" I said "and I said yes." He didn't say anything, it was just quite. "What?" I said think maybe I shouldn't have told him or some other thing. "That's great news" he finally said "He said he was getting a crush on you." "Really?" "Yeah!" "Hey do you want to grab so coffee here in a few?" I said I have a few questions. "Sure me and Liam are free so text me the info and we'll you there" "Sweet" I began "and thank you."  

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