Never Know (1D Fanfic)

It all started when I was late for a work meeting to covering myself and and a stranger in coffee.... A trip home that wouldn't leave me the same person; all with a dash of drama! All while working for One Direction!


27. Unbelieveable

As we got the boys bags into the right rooms. I had to make some business calls. 

My mother was in the kitchen cooking with my father; it was always like that as long as I could remember they both cooked dinner together.  

When I asked they why, the said it a great why to spend time together and reminded then how they meet; in there high school cooking class. 

"Okey, thank you." "Yup, see you then." I said hanging up the phone. 

"Everything all right?" Asked my mom. 

"Yes, just doing my job. Making sure everything got there fine." 

"Well, dinners done, I'll go get everyone." She said leaving the room. 

"You really like working for these guys?" My father asks looking at me. 

"Yeah, it's fun and I get to travel a lot." 

"Your sister said you like one if those guys." He wiggles him fingers towards the living room where they were watching T.V. with Allison.  

My face redden, I don't think that girl knows how to keep her lips zipped. 

I still didn't say anything. 

"No answer, take that as a yes." He walked over to me placed a hand on my shoulder and said 

"I'll find out, one way or an other." I started to think. What if he asks at dinner, or something. 

"Dad?" I questioned him. 

He just walked off to wash his hands. I called after him a few times. Man, Allison is so dead. 

When she walked into the room with the guys following her, I glared at her. She was taking aback. 

"What did I do?" She mouthed so no one would hear her; the guys just walked pass not even seen what was being said between us. 

"Later." I mouthed back. 

We all sat around are dinner table. My parents really out didn't themselves this time. There was, ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, salad, fruit salad, home made rolls, few other things; on top that a dark chocolate cake.  

Nialls eyes filled with joy when he seen all that food; so did then other guys. I have to so did mine, it's been way to long from the last time I have ate like this. 

Zayn sat in front of me, Harry at his side, Louis, my dad at the end, my mother at his side, then Niall, me and my sister at the other end.  

We passed the food around and filled our plats. We're all taking so far everything seem to be going fine. And I can't help but think this maybe going to good. I kept thinking, nothing embarrassing, over and over. My sister was talking to Harry. My and Zayn really not saying much as the other guys and my parents talk away. Half way through my sister asked Zayn to switch spots with him. She clams she having a hard time hear, Harry but then she send me a small wink and I blush. 

Looking down I hope no one see. He said yeah, he sits next to me and his smiles because bigger and he seems happier. I try to hide the fact that I glad he's now next to me. We start talking and giggle. I happen to turn my head a seen my dad looking at me a quickly look a way. 

"So?" My dad says. My heart starts racing. 

"Do any of you guys have girlfriends?" My dad asked the guys. They all answered but Zayn. 

"Everyone was now looking at him. His checks blush a soft pink but you can't tell unless your super close. 

"Not yet." He said look right at my dad. 

"Really, son..." He calls all guys son; it's a habit he pick up form his dad, and grandfather. 

"You like someone?" 

Poor Zayn, was all I could think. 

"Yea'." He said still not looking away from my father. It was getting a bit odd. 

"Good, good." My father now answered. Quietness filled the air. And I taped my sister foot under the table and nodded my head towards dad. 

"So, dad you never told me if that deal with thought at work." She said looking at him; other then talking about him family and football, work was his second favorite thing to talk about. 

Thinking my dads mind was now token away from Zayn. I lead over closer to him. His hand was sitting on his lap as he hadn't been eating much; witch I couldn't ether I was to nerves. I squeezed his hand softly and said 

"Are you okey?" I was looking right in to him eyes. He was now rubbing his thumb over my hand. 

"I will be, love." I stayed like that for few more second trying to read his face then pulled a way. 


After my sister and I cleaned up with Liam's help as he wouldn't take no for an answer. We walked back into the living room. Zayn, Niall and my parents were watching T.V. 

"Where 's Louis and Harry?" I asked looking around. Then I hits Zayn and I as we take off us stairs. Sliming my door open the two people I was look was in the last spot I wanted to see them at. 

"What are you doing?" I asked them. 

They both jump and look us.  

Then Louis said "You look good in green hair, what happened to it?" Harry next to him giggled. 

"It was for spirit week." I glared at then. 

"And what are you guys even look at those for?" They didn't say anything. 

"I put a board over there for a reason!" I was doing all I could not to scream at them. 

"Why can't you guys, for once stay out of my stuff?" 


"I don't want to hear it!" I went to leave. "And when ever your done looking at it can you please coving it back up." 

Spinning around Zayn had a worried look on him face. Heading down the stairs to the back door, footsteps behind me I knew it was him following me. He stopped me from opening to door by reaching out a d grabbing my wrist. 

Looking at him my eyes burned the tears waiting to fall. Only if he know, if they knew. Why those photos had to be cover. Why, I moved to L.A. by myself. Only if I could tell them the truth. 

"Please." I said in a whisper. He let go of me but his eyes burned in to me as I felt him watch me walk away. 

Twenty minutes last, I was a bit cold but still not in the mood to face them. I was sitting on the trampling; memories of hours spent out here fly back to me as if it was yesterday. 

"I come in peace." Said a voice. I smiled as I knew who's voice it was. I giggled as a patted the spot next to me. 

"Here." He said I could make out his face, but him black hair was now stuffed undef a beni. He toss a blanket and a can of soda to me. 

"Thanks." He sat next to me and bumped me with his shoulder. 

"Zayn, can I tell you something but you can't tell anyone." I wasn't looking at him. I was messing with a loss strand of the blanket. 

"Ya' know you can." 

"The main reason I didn't want any of you guys to see those photos is because..." I stopped myself. I'm not sure if I'm ready to tell him I have only told one person witch was Ana; other then my family.



Hey, I hope you are enjoying this. Sorry it took so long but I was going to add some thing but the I made the choice to cut it out witch meant I need to rewrite this part but I like it much better now. So let me know what you think!  


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