Never Know (1D Fanfic)

It all started when I was late for a work meeting to covering myself and and a stranger in coffee.... A trip home that wouldn't leave me the same person; all with a dash of drama! All while working for One Direction!


12. Store Trip

The drive to the store wasn't long, only a few blocks away. Some of the time me, Ana, and her boyfriend if he's with us, just walks to the store but with how much these guys eats. The car is the better choice. On the drive there Liam said.
"You don't have to pay for anything we can just put it on the bands card."
"Are you sure I don't mind..." he cut me off even thought it was rude his accent mad it hard to be mad at him or to say anything mean back.
"Your letting us stay at your place it the less I, we can do."
"If you must."
Niall was out of that car before it was even stopped all the way. I grabbed a cart and so did Niall, did he really think we would need two? At first there wasn't much talking but half way through people was starting to look at us, as if we had gone a bit mad. Toss things in the cart, running, almost hitting people.
"Do you guys..." I said turning around but they weren't there. I found them talking quietly to each other. I wasn't sure what they were talking about; so I headed to the candy and grabbing some.
"Hey!" said Niall running up and jumping right next to you. "So Liam only have a few things to grade then we are done"
"Here let me take that for you." he said reaching for the cart.
"Oh, thanks"
"I was like wanting to ask you something, now that its just the two if us..." he said looking to the ground. Like he wasn't sure if he should be asking me.
"Ask way, my friend."
"So Zayn is a close mate of mine..." he said "I was just wanted to know how the date went?" I smiled thinking back to the dinner and walk on the beach. Niall must of looked up and seen me smile.
"That good, huh?" he said.
All I could do was shake my head yes.

As I look down I seen that there was no cookies.
"Do you know if Liam graded any cookies?"

"Come on, we need cookies!" I said heading to the row where the cookies are.
"Cookies are me favorite food." I told Niall.
"Really?" he sounds a bit took aback.
"Yeah, as long as I can remember I have all ways had cookies around, happy, sad, upset? Whenever!" I start to put cookies in. I got all my favorites but one, grasshoppers.
"Hey Niall" I said as he was putting cookies is the cart too. "Can you be a pal and hand me the Grasshopper, there right up top?"
"They are a chocolate mint cookies. You'll love them."
"Then way are they called Grasshoppers?" he asked. I stopped and thought about this.
"I don't know?" I said pulling my eyebrows together.
We didn't see that Liam had walked up behind us.
"uh, Niall we don't need that many cookies" Liam said looking down at the cookies.
"Hey, there're all aren’t mine, four of those is Abbeys!" Niall said laughing.
Laim rolled his eyes.
"Let’s go before you guys buy the whole store."
As we loaded up the car, we all got in. I let Niall ride up front with me this time. As we drove back to my place. The guys kept talking but all I could think about was that this is not how I wanted this night to end. But hey this is what you get when you work and are fiends with five British guys who are a bit crazy.

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