Never Know (1D Fanfic)

It all started when I was late for a work meeting to covering myself and and a stranger in coffee.... A trip home that wouldn't leave me the same person; all with a dash of drama! All while working for One Direction!


15. Sleep Less Night

It was around eleven when we all started heading out to bed. First was Liam, and then was Ron. I was about to head to bed when I looked over and Ana was asleep. And Niall was about to crash. I slowly walked over to Niall.
"Come on." I said holding out my hand. He looked up and smiled taking it.
"Let's get you in bed."
I knock on the door.
"Come on." said Liam he was sitting on the bed taking in the phone.
As I push open the door all the way Niall was about to crash on to the floor pulling me with him. I was holding him up as much as I could.
"Help Liam."
"Abbey, is that you?"
"No not soon, I'll be a pancake."
"Oh" He said "Call can you back, Niall is about to turn Abbey into a pancake."
He can just in time my knee and arms where about to give up. He picked Niall up and placed him now the bed.
"Abbey?" Niall mumbled
"Goodnight." And with that he was out like a light.
"Goodnight." I said patting his head.
I was just about to head to the door when a hand was placed on my arm stopped me. I turned to fine Laim was standing right there. I looked at his hand and then at him; he moved his hand.
"Umm, thanks for letting up stay here."
"You already said thank you."
"I just want you to know who much this really means to us."
"I more then happy to help." I said with a smile.
The next thing that happened took me back. In less then a blink he was hugging me; well there was only one thing left to do I hugged him back. We pulled sway.
"Night." I said walking towards the door.
"Night." he said.
Right before I left I turned and said
"If you need anything just let me know."
He shuck his head yes and with that I closed the door. Making me way back to the living room Ana was still asleep. Harry, Lou and Zayn were still watching T.V.
"Well I'm going to bed." I said looking at the floor. "Umm if you guys need anything I'll be in my room, okay?"
"Yeah." they all said together. Zayn and I looked at each others. I gave him a small smile. I went over to Ana and pick her up, she’s really small. I have done this do many times that she just stays asleep and just walks alone with me.
"Night." said the guys
"Goodnight" I said looking over at Zayn.

“Need help?” asked Zayn getting up. I was going to tell him no but he was already up.

“Umm, could you open my door?” He shook his head yes.
Zayn opens the door for me and I place Ana on the bed covering her up. Walking back to Zayn he stood with his hands in his pockets.


“No problem.” He said taking his hands out of him pockets. I took a step closer; he gave me a sideway smile then stepped closer. I couldn’t help but think we were going to kiss; over maybe I was over thinking it. We started to move closer together right when I head footsteps coming up the hall wall. I wasn’t sure who it was or what they were doing but I felt like yelling at whom ever it was. I went on my toes and gave Zayn a kiss on the cheek before whapping my arms around me; holding him close. He squeezed me back. As the footsteps got close I could now make out their face. It was the one and only Harry… what was I going to do with him.

“Wow, you guys get a room!” Harry said joking; as he passed Zayn and I going into the bathroom. I rolled my eyes at him. Once he shutting the door I placed my head onto Zayn. It seemed like an every long day.



“My phone.” He said that’s when I realized that I was holding on him he and let go trying to get him phone out of him front pocket.

“Oh, sorry.” I said stepping back.

“I have to take this its my mum.” He said lifting him phone to his ear.

“Hey, mum.” He said with a smile.

“Goodnight.” I said to him.

“Goodnight.” He said with a smile giving me an other smile.

As he pulled away still smiling he winked then started walking down the hall was when he said “Abbey.”

Shutting the door I lay down and fallen asleep soon. But about two hours later I could hear snoring. Ron was snoring; it just kept getting louder and louder. I tried going back to sleep but after fifteen minutes I gave up. I headed to the door when it hit me that Zayn and the other guys are crashing here; and Zayn in the living room.  What, I'm I going to do. I waited there thinking for a bit then I thought; If he's awake I’ll just get a cup of water and come back to bed if not then quietly watch some T.V. Yeah that sounds good, a strong plan. I slowly walked out my heart racing. I got to the area right between the living room and the kitchen.
"Zayn?" but nothing so I said it a bit louder "Zayn?" still nothing. He must be asleep. I got a bottle of water and sat at the end of the couch.
Flipping over the channels I came to one of my favorite movie. "A Walk to Remember"

I don't know why I like this movie it always makes me cry. To some up the movie, they find love in each other and the she comes down sick and dies. It's sad but at the same time it's an amazing movie. As I sat the quietness, all I could hear was the movie; and once in a while a snore  from the room where the guys are crashing. I love the part of the movie where he dose he completes everything on her list of "things to do before I die". It's amazing how much they care for each others. Now comes to the part where she so sick she can even leave her bed. I know what comes next, but it always hits me. Like I hoping made just once there be a happily ever after for those two. My eyes start to water as I know what's about to come next. I can feel the tears about to fall from my eyes, and they do. I don’t  whip them away or try to hide then. I just let the fall, roll across my face.
"Abbey?" I freeze, at first I thought I was hearing things. But then came my name once more
"Abbey?" came the deep British voice.

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