Never Know (1D Fanfic)

It all started when I was late for a work meeting to covering myself and and a stranger in coffee.... A trip home that wouldn't leave me the same person; all with a dash of drama! All while working for One Direction!


26. Rooms


So I hope you're enjoying this, I had had so much fun written this and there's about 10-15 chapters left and then it'll be over with. This is mostly the only Zayn Fanfic, I'll write but I do have plans on writing one for each of the other guys too. Also I have a few other fanfic ideas in my head. So look for those. 

Also please give Broadway High a read and let me know what you think of it!


KayCee K.


"Allison?" Harry said more as a question. 

"Yes and she doesn't know." I giggled as he jumped in the cab. As I got in I pulled Zayn in the cab with me are fights were looped tighter together. I hated driving the roads in my town, brings back unwated memories. Most of the time I did my best not to look out the window. Then came the part of the road I hated most. I closed my eyes shut and wait for a few minutes before opening know we where pass that part of the road. And no seemed to notice ad I looked around they all were looked about windows.  

The ride there much wasn't said. Zayn looks a bit nerves. Why, I mean yeah I know why. But it's not he's meeting my parents as my boyfriend or anything; we're just dating. I think as he let out a deep breathe. Harry and Louis had huge smiles on his faces.


We all were standing outside my front door. I reach down and gave Zayn's hand a little squeeze. Before letting it go and opening the door. 

"Mom! Dad! Allison!" I call three different sets of foot steps came running to the door. I tossed my arms around my mom and dad. 

"Abbs!" Allison yell running down the stairs. Throwing herself into the hug then she stopped; slowly turning she eyes moved for guy to guy until they came to Harry. Pulling away to throw her arms around him then blushing she reached and pulled the other guys into a huge hug. Pulling a way I turned and said. 

"Mom and dad this is, Harry, Louis, Zayn," I could feel my check flush with heat when I said his name. "Liam, and Niall." I finished. 

"Guys, this is my parents, Sandy and Fred." I said pointing to them. It got a bit quite then the guys said there 'nice to meet you' 

"Well, are you guys hungry?" My mom asked. 

Nails face lift you and said "You bet it!" a few of us giggled. 

"Abbey, you'll be sleeping in Allison's room or Alison sleeps in your room. So two of the guy can crash there. And then the others are in the guess room." My dad said. My face was a bit pink I haven't been in my room for over two years. 

Out of now where my sister took off up stairs. Oddly, Harry head after her as so did my dad. 

"I go this." I said running after her. Looking back I could see my dad eyeing Harry oddly.  

Right when I got to the top of the stairs I seen her door shut. I opened it to see her taking stuff off her wall. The more I walked in more I could see the guys faces all over her walls. 

"In my defense, I had all." She moved her finger around her room. "These up before I meet the guys, I just haven't had time to take them down." Her face now I bit pink. 

"Are you blushing?" 

"Just help me before 'one' of the come in." I giggled and started to help her take her posters down. There was a knock at the door we both stopped what we were doing and looked at the door. 

"One second!" We both called finish taking the last few down and shouting the in the closet. She opened the door and popped her head out. As I look around I see a few more things that has to do the the guys so I grabbed all that I could and tossed in to the closet. Slamming it shut right when the door was pushed open by Louis and Naill.  

"What's going on?" Louis asked.  

Naill looked around and then said  

"I'd thought there'd be posters of us." And walked off.  

"We just didn't want you guys staying in her room." I said thinking it was a good cover up but I don't really think he was believing me. 

"Yea, so Niall and Zayn will be staying in Abbey's room." Said Allison. After what I and Allison just said had hit me Zayn and my room ... Well he's see my new room but this room has a lot of my old self and old stuff. And of my past... I took off to my room. Bumping into a few guys. I didn't look up or even said sorry. I just kept walking to my room. And I was token back in time. Every inch of my walls where covered in posters; Hot Chelle Rae, The Beatle, All Time Low, We The Kings, Taking Back Sunday, The Script, Maroon 5. The list goes on and on. But that's not what I was looking for. Over on the right side there was a whole lot of old photos of me, my family and friends. Trying to find something to cover it up. Looking around hoping, no needing something to cover this small part of the wall up. But with my luck I couldn't find anything and right then footsteps head into my room. Turning I tried my best to cover up the photos without looking like I was trying to hide something. 

Zayn and Louis was the two who had followed me into my room. Both there eyes running along the walls taking in very then. A sweet smile speared over Zayn's lips. While Louis looked like he was about to burst with laughter. 

"Go head... laugh." I said looking a Louis.  

He giggled as he slowly walked around the room.  

"You do have good music taste but really 'all' these posters." Louis said still looking around me room. 

"Hey, in my defiance, I haven't live in this room for over two years." I was still in the same spot they haven't seem to notice but as Louis walked around the room he got closer to me witch meant closer to the photos. 

He stepped closer as he did I moved back towards the wall; both him and Zayn seemed to notice. 

He took yet another step towards me but I didn't move one inch. 

"What are you hiding?" Louis asked. Glee filled his eyes as he stepped closer. 

Zayn, was now standing next to his best mate and I was now out numbered. They would have to pull me away, tie me, and lock me somewhere just to get a sneak peak. 

Louis pulled my arm a bit but I didn't move. He bagged like a puppy, I was still as a brick. 

"Whatch hiding?" Asked Zayn. 

"Nothing." I lied. 

Right then Allison walked in. 

"Allison!" I yelled when I didn't mean to. She was taken aback by how we all looked. 

"Hand me the display board for my tenth grade history project, would ya?" I pointed to behind my desk where it was hidden; thank god I remember that. She did and I yanked tacks randomly from my wall and hang the history project over the old photos. 

Hoping that the guys would not remove it and look. 

"So?" I turned around seeing everyone looking at me oddly. 

"Who's sleeping where?" 

"I thought we." Allison moved her finger between us. 

"Could crash in my room, then three in your and two in the guest." 

"But I thought dad said..." I was cute off. 

"I found my air matters and thought one of the guys could put it on the floor in your room because its the biggest."  

Why, why did my parents have to give 'me' the big room? 

"Cool, with me." I said looking around my room.  

"Me and Harry's crashing in here!" Louis said. I looked at him. 

"Fine, then so is Zayn." I said. 

Louis glared at me know that Zayn wouldn't let then go thought my stuff or peak behind the board. 

"But!" Louis started 

"But what? Zayn want let you go thought my stuff?" I eyed him. 

"Yeah." He said rolling his eyes. Zayn patted him friend on the back.

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