Never Know (1D Fanfic)

It all started when I was late for a work meeting to covering myself and and a stranger in coffee.... A trip home that wouldn't leave me the same person; all with a dash of drama! All while working for One Direction!


4. Questions


~ Four


As the day went by I couldn't help but think about tonight. How, I didn't lose my job but got a better one. And I'm going out for pizza with a group of cute guys and Zayn.  

Zayn should be here in soon, and I'm still not ready. My favorite show was on, I already knew what I was going to wear but I hadn't put it on. Black skinny jeans with my "Hot Chelle Rae" tee. There was a knock on the door right when I was about to put my red lipstick on. I open the door and seen Zayn standing there. He was wearing light brown pants with a tee and a black jumper.  


"Hi!" I so do not know what to say "I'm almost ready I got busy watching T.V."  

"It's fine." He smiled at me.  

"Come in."  

As I got my earrings, put my lipstick on and grab my bag; I see that Zayn is now looking at my wall of photos.  

"You like?" I asked 

"Yeah, it's like seeing parts of your past!" 

I can't help but smiling at that.  

"So, are you ready to go?"  


When Zany and I show up at the pizza place the other guys were already there.  

"Hey, you guys."  

There was two spots left, two right next to each other; so Zayn and I sat.  

Everyone starts talking; telling stories, jokes, about themselves and their families. The pizza comes and with that comes the start of asking questions about me.  

"So, we know you have a sister." said Laim 

"A hot sister" Harry butted in.  

"Is that your only sibling?" Laim finished asking.  

"Yeah, she's seventeen"  

"When can we meet her?" asked Harry 

"Oh, next time she comes to see me, well everyone but you, Harry" I said 


"Kidding..." I said smiling "maybe."  

"I'm not that bad!" he said "or am I." He added wiggling his eyebrows.  

We all laughed, a few more questions came next. Then Louis asked 

"What's something scary that has happened to you?" 

"There was this time that I was attacked by a bird and now I can't stand them." Knowing that's not even close to the scariest thing that has happened but I didn't want to go there.  

"Really?" said Liam "So was Niall!"  

"Now way!"  

"Yeah, scary as hell." Niall said  

"Well, Zayn's scared of the dark." said Louis.  

Zayn gave Louis a 'thanks bro' look. So I felt like I needed to say something. 

"Well, we can work on the whole dark thing." 

Everyone started to laugh.  

I learned a lot about them, Naill swears quite a bit, Harry favorite thing to wear is nothing and likes to talk to cats when he's drunk. Laim is like the dad of the group. Zayn loves mirror but who could blame him, and Louis has banned his band mates from dating his sisters. 

As my new phone beeped I had seen what time it was.  

"Hey, I have to go, it's late and tomorrow I get the list of dates for you guys, show, and interviews and so on and need to get my passport. I'm sorry this was amazing and we should do this again soon." I said quickly.  

All the guys said we should meet up soon to go over things.  

"Yeah, sounds good; text me when and stuff."  

"Will do!" said Liam  

"Hey Zayn, do you mind taking me home?"  

"Sure, no problem!" 

"I'll meet you outside."  

As I got up I left some money on the table. I walked over to the contour. 

"Can I help you?" asked the young lady with the name tag Jay. 

"Yes, can I get a small breadstick's to go, please."  


As she came back she said something but I missed it. 

"Sorry, what did you say?"  

"Oh, just that I think a girl is trying to take your man." She nodded her head towards the door.  

"My man?" I asked unsure what she meant.  

"Yeah, the guy outside."  

"Oh he's not 'mine'" I said making myself sounds more dumb "We're... we just meet and..."  

"Whatever!" she said rolling her eyes as she walked off.

I turned and look at Zayn. The girl who was talking, they had red hair; she had her left hand on his shoulder and brushes it down his arm. The butterfly's left and replace with a twist of pain and jealousy.  

"Here's your breadsticks." Said Jay 

"Thank you."  

As I walk out the door Zayn looked at me and smile. The red head girl glared at me and walked off. Zayn was smoking he took his cigarette and put it out; then he looked at me.  

"I didn't know you smoked." 

"Does it bother you?" 


He looked down at my hands and seen the go box.  

"Still hungry?" 

I couldn't help but giggle.  

"No, I got them for later." he nodded "Plus," I add "if my roommate found out that I can to her favorite take out pizza place and didn't bring her breadsticks; I would be in trouble."  

We both laughed, then headed to his car. We started off; it was quite but a good quite. We pulled up to a red light. When he said.  



"I wanted to ask you something?"  

Is he about to ask me out, no I bet it's about splitting coffee all other him? Maybe that shirt need dry clean and wants me to pay for it; or it cant come clean and he wants me to buy him a new one. My face must of blush because next he asked 

"Are you okay?"  

"Yeah why?"  

"You're a bit red."  

"Oh, is that what you wanted to asks me?"  

"No but..." he began but then the two cars behind us started honking the horns. And rest of the drive was quite.

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