Never Know (1D Fanfic)

It all started when I was late for a work meeting to covering myself and and a stranger in coffee.... A trip home that wouldn't leave me the same person; all with a dash of drama! All while working for One Direction!


16. Pass Out


 I turned my head and looked at Zayn who was slowly sitting up. I wasn't sure if he could see tears in my eyes or not. So I quickly whip them away. He's looking at me puzzled. I was trying to speak but no words come out. I took a drink of my water. My eyes where still burning a bit. He moved his feet off and patted the couch or me to join him. I slowly got up off the floor and sat as far from him as I could. I know my eyes must still have tears.  So I wouldn't look at him. I could feel him looking at me.
"Abbey, are you alright?" he said.
I looked at him; he reached other and whipped one last tear the rolled down my face. I could help but giggle, I was stupid. Crying over a movie. He lifted up my eyebrows. I smiled at his. Then said
"ummm, I, umm the movie." I pointed to the T.V. He smiled to himself, moving over he placed his arm around me. I froze for a moment, token back. I couldn't help but smile. I slowly placed my head on his shoulder.
That's the last thing I remember.
"Abbey." I could hear someone say my name but I couldn't pull myself out of my sleep. I could still hear my name, over and over. I was finally able to pull myself out of my sleep. I opened my eyes to find I brown hair guy looking at me. I blinked a few times, as his face came more and more clear. It was Laim.
"Yeah?" I said sitting up. At first I was taking aback. Where was I? Last night came back to me, I could feel the blood rush to my face and I remember Zayn whipping away a tear. Laim's voice pulls me out of h thoughts.
"hum?" I said.
"Do you want me cook you something?"
"Sure." I said resizing I was starving.
"I cook, for the guys sometime or I go out and grab something for them."
"Want help?" I ask looking around and finding Zayn on the floor, asleep. A felt bad that he was sleeping there. I notice that Laim as left to the kitchen. I pick up the blanket and dripped it over him; his eyes fluttered as he rapped it around his arms.
Waking in to the kitchen, Laim has already started cooking. The smell of bacon, eggs, waffle (store bought) filled the air.
"Umm, what do you want me to do?" I asked looking around.
"You can make toast or take over cooking the eggs?" he said lifting his eyebrows.
"I'll do toast." I said "Me and cooking eggs don't mix."
I could hear him giggle a bit as I got out the toaster. I put the toast in and was waiting. Looking around I see the butter next to the stove.
"Can you hand me the butter please?" I asked
Right when Laim went to hand me the butter the toast in the toaster popped. I jumped and let out a little squeak. Laim blasted out laughing at me. I could feel my face began to redden.
"It's not funny!" I said taking the butter from him.
He was still laughing when he said "Sorry but yeah it’s a bit funny."
"Stop laughing!" I said He was still giggling at me. I looked around and seen washcloth sitting on the counter. I picked it up and toss it at him.
"I said I was sorry." he said
"Yeah, as you were still laughing at me!" I said trying to not smile at him.
"It was funny!" he said like that made it all alright.
"Fine, make the toast yourself." I said sticking out my tongue. 
"Will at less I don't jump when the toast pops."
I didn't have a come back, most of the time I do but this time nothing. I just stud there think.
"Abbey?" he said smiling at me "Can you do me a favor?"
"After laughing at me." I said then he smiled even bigger and I couldn’t stay that mad at him any more. I wasn’t really mad I was just bugged; bugged that he seen the toast scared me.
"Can you go wake the guys?" he asked
"Fine as long as you don't tell then about the toast!" I said
"Wake the guys or tell them about toast scary you?" he said like he was weighing his options.
"Well?" I said
"Sounds like a good deal."
"Good" I said waking out to the living room. He makes it seem like these guys are a pain to wake.

Zayn was still lying on the floor with the blanket now pulled up over his face. I sat next to him. I slowly moved the blanket off him face. He looked so peaceful I didn't want to wake him but I knew I had to.
"Zayn?" I said poking his shoulder. Nothing. So I poked him again and again. I leading in close to him, not even seeing that I had place my hand on his chess.
"Zayn!" I was so close I could hear him breath. But still nothing. I got even closer, my own heart racing faster.
"Zayn!" I said almost at a yelling point.
"Mmm?" he said trying to pull the blanket back over his head.
I giggle "No it's time to get up." I said pulling it away from him. I not even sure he knows what he was down the next thing I know his head is in my lap. And his arms are wrapped around my stomach.
"Umm, I'm not a pillow!" I said trying to hide my giggle. I'm not sure what wake him up me giggling or trying to push him off. But, as some as I was trying to push him up; he dashed up, looking around. He must have realized what he had just done because his face trued a little pink. He was trying to hide it because he lifted his hand moving it over his face and hair. After a bit he look at me and smiled, I could help but smile back.
"Liam cooked some food." I said. As soon as I said food he looked back at me and smiled even more.
"Thanks." he said
"Well I have to go wake the other guys."
"Good luck!" he said
I smiled and walked away I took one more look, as soon as I did he turned his head away.
As I reached the other guys room, I knocked. But no one answered. I slowly pushed the door open. Niall was in the bed alone so I'm guessing that's here Laim crashed too. On the air bed was Louis half on and half off. Harry had rest of the bed. Harry's top was uncovered with no top on but everything else was under the covers. Man how I was hoping he had SOMETHING on under there. I sat on the side of the bed; I reached over and patted his soft blond hair.
"Niall!" all he did was flip over. I tried poking him but nothing. Then it hit me, he loves to eat just tell him it was time to eat.
"Niall, Liam cooked!"
"Mmmm, Really?"
"Yes, really." I said giggling.
He sat up rubbing his eye. This reminds me of my little cousin.
"Thank you!" he said as the smell of the kitchen started to feel the room.
"Well, you better go get food, I already woke Zayn up." I said lifting my eyebrows as I walked over to Lou's and Harry's air bed. Niall got up and walked out so fast he was almost running.
" Louis!" I said kicking the bottom of the bed. Man can't one of them be easy to wake up!
"Harry!" still nothing I didn't want to speed anymore time waking then up I was hungry. So, I start jumping on the bed.
"Time go get up!" I yelled it only to a few minutes before I was grabbed and held down on the bed by two messy hair boys.
"What do you think your doing?" asked Harry as his curls fell in front of his eyes.
"You guys wouldn't get up!" I said glaring at him. "Now get off."
"Nope!" said Louse. He winked at Harry. Then they both started tickling me. I could hardly breathe.
"Stop!" I yell over and over but they didn't.
"Help!" I tried to yell.
I tried to take a deep breath so I could try and yell!
"Help!" I finally yelled.
I could hear footsteps coming towards the door. It was Niall, he started laughing.
"Help” I said again he walked over. He was a few steps away when out of no where Harry jumped right on top Niall. Smashing him to the floor; Harry was now tickling him too.  The one who can to help way now needing help.
"Zayn!" I yelled as loud as I could. He and Laim came walking in at first they were taken aback.
"Help." I said I knew my face was red, I could hardly breath and my sides are now killing me. Zayn walked over and as now pulling Louis off of me. Laim was trying to help Niall. Finally, Zayn got Louis off of me. I got up and Zayn was now standing in front of me. Louis was making faces at us like five year olds do. I stuck my tongue out at him. He acted like he was going to run towards me. I screamed like a little girl and grabbed Zayn's hand a pulled him to the door. Right then I heard Harry scream for Louis help. When we were finally out in the hall was I was still pulling Zayn towards the bathroom. I didn't want to take any chances. Once we were in the bathroom. I shut the door, locked it and slowly slide down the door. I was still having hard time breathing. I placed my head on my knee trying to calm my breathing. I forgot Zayn was there until he talked.
"Are you alright?" slowly sitting next to me.
"I can't breath." I said. His eyes moved over my face, he had a little fear in his eyes.
My eyes where getting heavy and it was becoming ever harder to breath.
"Abbey?" I could hear Zayn's voice.
"Get Ana..." I said
He got up; he picked me up and moved me to the middle of the floor. I could hear him yell.
"Liam!" but he didn't come. I could hear Zayn say some not nice words. As he ran to my room; I could hear him pound on the door and then open it.
I black out for a bit the came back when I felt someone pick me up. My head restring on there chest. I tried to open my eyes; I tried to speak but nothing.

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