Never Know (1D Fanfic)

It all started when I was late for a work meeting to covering myself and and a stranger in coffee.... A trip home that wouldn't leave me the same person; all with a dash of drama! All while working for One Direction!


21. Nightmare

Hello my amazing readers! I wanted to thank you all for reading and hope you're liking it! This one isn't long as I wanted it to be but that's because I'm going to try and update again today. And the next part just didn't flow good as a chapter with this part!

Please don't for get to let me know what you think!


    KayCee K.



"Zayn!" I opened my eyes to see two people standing in the door way. I try pulling from Zayn but he was still passed out. I got a little room to sit up but he still would not let go.

            "Who are you?" I blinked my eyes a few times before making out the person who had just asked me a question. I seen it was May. Really? Did she really ask that?

            "Abbey...we meet tonight at the party." I said hoping it would ring a bell. Her face was puzzled and I was thinking made she was smashed too; if she was, she's good at hiding it.

            She opened her mouth, closed it, and opened it again.

            "Can I help you?" I said trying to make this seem less odd then it was. It didn't help that Zany's arms had a vipers grip around me; but hey I didn’t mind. It was so quite in the house all I could hear was the soft sound of the party that was right outside. Like reality slapped her in the face she walked over. Looking me right in the eyes she said.

            "Leave 'him'" she pointed a Zayn "alone." and then walked away.

She had been drinking, how much I didn't know, but I could smell it on her and when she walked away she tripped and I was pray she wouldn't remember this in the morning.  Blimey, she was crazy. Wait! Did I just say 'blimey'? Man the guys are already rubbing off on me and we haven't even hot the road yet!

            It took some time to fall asleep; but as soon as I did it seemed like morning had already came an’ was waiting for me.

            "Abbey!" A male voice can all I did was move close to the heat that I was sleeping next to. Who ever it was climbed onto the bed and started jumping. Now, I drank a little last now; not a whole lot don't really like to. So when I do, I always have a huge headache in the morning. Trying to kick who ever it was but it was no use.

            "Liam say it time to get up!"  Louis sang into the air. Out of now where Zayn sat up and pushed Louis right off the bed there was a huge crashing sounds making me jump a bit. He the wrapped his arms back around me laying back down. He wasn't really awake. I know this because when I spooked Zayn became frozen.

            He slowly opened his eye, realizing he's arms had me pinned up against his cheat. His face was priceless; it was a mix of shock, happiness and confusions. He when to pull his arms away but I stopped him by giving him a sweet smile before pulling away. Standing up, I ran my finger thought out my hair stepping over Louis, who was still lying on the floor. Turing me head to Zayn I gave him a wink before leaving the room. Why? I have no clue but it just seemed right for some odd reason.


I walk over to my room I was going to jump in to the shower so I need a clean outfit. What I seem next was the last thing I wanted to see. Harry had his arms wrapped around my sister’s whist and her head was on his shirtless chess.

            "Allison Rain Patterson!" I yelled they both jumped. Oh, how I was hoping Harry had bottoms on.

            " Harry Styles!"

            The sat up when they realized who it was. Thank god they both had clothes on; plus the same ones they had on at the party. I just point me finger at them trying to think of something, anything to say but nothing came. So I got my stuff and left for the bathroom.

Then turned around walked back in to fine them giggle with laughter but stop when I stepped back in. I grabbed my bathroom bag. Slamming the bathroom door shut; as I was still trying to think.

I was done with my shower but I didn't want to leave yet. So I grabbed my iPod turned it up and did my hair, makeup, way more then I planed on to do. The whole time I was thinking of everything that happened last night, my sister and Harry and how I so badly falling of a guy who was a huge superstar, my new job, and everything just seemed two times bigger them me. 'Whatever' by Hot Chelle Rae end when I heard a soft knock on the door.

            "What!" I yelled thinking it was going to be my sister but I was Zayn. He was taken aback but then he looked me up and down; his eyes widen a bit.

"Sorry." I said walking back to the counter where my stuff was. He followed me. Closing the door he sat down leaning against it. I looked over at him he patted the floor for me to sit and I did.

"Last time we sat like this it didn't end well for me." I said

"Or me, that was scary as hell." I nodded me head. We sat there for a bit I was listening to a We The Kings song when he said

"Are you okay?"

"Yea' I'm just a bit streets out with everything starting Monday." He placed his hand on my leg witch maybe me look up at him. He started to move towards me but there can a pounding on the door.

            "Come on Abbes nothing happened!" Allison call thought the door. Zayn gave me a puzzled look.

            "I found her and Harry sleeping in the same bed." 'Oh' he mouthed.

            Getting up and so did Zayn opening the door Allison's face when from 'sorry for upsetting you' to 'surprise' then she smiled. I grab my stuff and walked off, spinning around I say.

            "I'm not mad at 'you'" the whole time Zayn's following me around like a lost puppy witch I found to be kinda cute. Putting my bag back in the room; him and I head down stairs walking into the kitchen.

            "Wow, you look nice." Said Louis

            "And how do I usually look?" For a second it look like he seem a ghost.

            "Nice too."

"Good try." 

            After we got some food, Zayn and I sat to eat. A few minutes later Harry walked in. He stopped dead in his tracks. Frozen on the spot and all I did was look at him. Until, Zayn bumped me with his arm. And I looked away. Like I said its not that I don't think Harry's a good he is but that’s still my little sister and I didn't like the fact or to see her in bed with him.


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