Never Know (1D Fanfic)

It all started when I was late for a work meeting to covering myself and and a stranger in coffee.... A trip home that wouldn't leave me the same person; all with a dash of drama! All while working for One Direction!


17. Mix Feeling


I could hear Ana's voice.
"She most of been having a panic attack."
I could feel my head on someone's lap. Next, they where trying to get me to drink. As I took a drink I felt a little pill slip down as well. I know I would be fine in a few. I put my head back down on whose ever lap it was. I few minutes later I opened my eyes to find Zayn looking down me.
He smiled at me.
"How your feeling?"
As I sat up my head was hurting. And realized that it has been Zayn's lap I have been laying in. I reached over and gave him a hug.
"Thank you." I said pulling away. He lifted a hand a placed it I couldn't help but close me eyes.
I forgot that it wasn’t just us in until I heard someone clear the throat. I couldn't help but pull away from Zayn as I tried to hide my blushing face.
"Hey..." Louis said
Out of the cover of my eye I could see Zayn glare at him.
"Harry and I are sorry." he said while scratching the back of his head.
"It's fine" I said
"Ana said you probably has a panic attack because you where short of breath or had a suffocate felling."
"Yeah, umm, she's right. When I get the feeling of being suffocated I go into a panic attack." I said looking at the floor. I stop not waiting to finish what I was going to say. "You guys were tickling me so much I couldn’t breath." I looked at him with a look that read sorry. Ana must have heard me talking because she ran and jumped on the couch right next to me.
"You scared me to death, girl!" she said hugging me. " By they way I called..."
I cut her off before she could go any farther
"You didn't, did you?" I asked.
The look on her face answered my question.
"When is it?" I asked
"She just wants you to drop by sometime today." Ana was looking at the ground.
"Who?" said Niall. Looking around I could tell he wasn’t the only one who had no clue what me and Ana was taking about.
"Ummm, no one..." I said "It's all good!"
Everyone just looked at me. I ran my hand throughout my hair; I must look like a mess. Niall walked into the kitchen, witch reminded me of how hungry I'm.
"So is there any food left for me?"
"Yeah, umm I made you a plate." said Liam.
"Thank you!" I said going to stand up to go get it.
"I'll get it!" said Harry jumping up. Hopefully they don't feel bad. It isn't like they meant to do it. Right when Harry walked into the kitchen out walked Niall, Harry walked passed him. Then stepped back looking at Niall who was eating a plate full of food.
"Niall... Where did you get that?"
"The kitchen..." he said still eating way.
"Yes, but where?"
"Next to the stove..." he had not clue why it mattered so much. 
"That was Abbey's!" Harry said he sounded like he was a bit angry... I mean it's just food, I can get more.
"Oh..." he said looking over at me.
I made a shocking face.
"Oh how dare you!" being sarcastic. The look at Niall face was priceless. I got up from and as so as I did so did Zayn. I believe he was afraid I was going to pass out again. But I was fine.
"I'm going to take a shower, since someone ate my food." I winked a Niall as I walked by, stopping in the opening of the hall way.
"It’s good by the way!" he smiled at me.
"I'll come and keep an eye on you." Ana said.
"I don't need a babysitter, I'm fine really!"
"umm, I'm still coming."
As I began walking down the hall I looked back and smiled at Zayn, who happened to be watching me, he sent me a dazzling smile back. I got my outfits, gray skinned and a long sleeve that falls off my shoulder. I also grabbed my favorite tank top; witch was black and had the deathly hollows sign for the seventh Harry Potter book/movies. I didn't really feel like dressing up, the only work I had today was making a few calls. How I love me job, I make two times as much and work less, well at less this week; the really work starts next week.
As Ana and I walked in to the bathroom I stopped right in my tracked not believing what I see; hair products were all over the place. I could help but blast out laughing; two girls live here and as long as I can remember there has never been this much hair products in the bath. But as soon as fives guys move in the both room over fills with products! We started laughing and had the hardest time stopping.
As the hot water ran over my body I could help but feel much better. Rubbing the shampoo into my hair I couldn't but help hear someone sing. I totally forgot that I wasn’t alone in the bathroom. Ana was softly singing. She was an amazing singer but she wouldn't let any one know. I never understudy why? I finished up in the shower. The cold air whipped around my wet sink. Sending shivers thought out my body. Dying off I looked at Ana who was now humming.
"I could hear you sing, you know?"
Blush filled her face. We smiled at each others. I wish she would give singing a chance. I lightly dapped some makeup and red lipstick on.
"Hand me my hair wax?"
Ana handed me my silver and purple hair jar. I put a little bit on to my hand and ran my fingers thought it then blow-dried it a bit. I looked at myself; I was happy with how I looked. I could hair Ana starting to giggle.
"What?" I lifted my eyebrow
"Nothing" she said holding her has up. I rolled my eyes as I left the bathroom. Walking into my room, I picked up my phone, keys and put them into my favorite bag. It had the British flag on the front.
I walked into the living room when I heard someone talk made me jump; I was wrapped up in my own mind. I looked into the living room and could see Laim smiling; oh how I hope he wasn’t thinking about the whole toast thing from this morning.
"umm?" I said now looking between two guys leaving the kitchen.
"I said 'nice bag!'" said Louis pointing to my bag.
"Oh, thanks." I said not understand why he said that. "It's my favorite."
"Going somewhere?" looking to face the other guy who was just leaving the kitchen too; ours eyes meet.
"Yeah, umm, I have to be somewhere."
"Oh." he said looking at the floor. I felt bad not telling him or any of the others where I was going but only Ana knew and I wanted to keep it that way; I didn't want way thing messing up this job. Right now it meant everything to me.

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